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Our entrepreneurship programs are based on innovative, proprietary content developed by us, and on leading methodologies from top global universities including Harvard and Stanford. Our programs encourage creative, entrepreneurial thinking and provide participants with innovative tools for developing ventures from idea to reality. Our specialty is adapting our curriculum to diverse audiences and various needs

Strategic Consulting Services

We provide strategic consulting services on how to best build innovation spaces and entrepreneurial communities. As the founders of the first social hub in Israel, we have accompanied numerous municipalities and organizations in the development of their first hubs. We provide our experience and know-how for the development of successful entrepreneurship ecosystems. As part of our strategic consulting, we conduct designated research and map the specific local needs for maximum results upon implementation


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Develop internal organizational entrepreneurship  Implement innovative processes Build an entrepreneurial community Promote budding entrepreneurs Enhance development of senior and mid management Train professional teams how to lead entrepreneurial programs Anyone who wishes to combine innovation and entrepreneurship in their professional and personal life

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