Innovation Workshops


Does your organization seek to brainstorm new ideas, foster innovative thinking, accelerate new projects, communicate vision, or effectively engage volunteers and community members?

PresenTense’s Innovation Workshops equip students, organizational professionals, and leaders with the tools and training to become changemakers. Over 2500 organizational professionals and young professionals have participated in our workshops and seminars.

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IdeaSlam (1-2 hours)
You want to create change - but how do you generate quality ideas? PresenTense’s IdeaSlam is a fun, interactive workshop that gets participants’ creativity flowing, helping them uncover challenges and brainstorm new ideas.

History of the Future (1 hour)
What will your project look like in the future? In this workshop, participants imagine their project’s programs several years into the future, and use that to work backwards to develop an initial workplan that will lead them towards fulfilling that vision. This tool enables us to more deeply understand our goals and aspirations, and understand what steps are needed to make them happen.

Board Room (3 hours)
Individuals pitch their ideas to a panel that gives them thoughts and feedback on how to strategically solve an issue their startup is facing.

Design Challenge (2 hours to full day)
Organizational stakeholders create a design challenge which they come together to find a way to solve using design thinking including observation, brainstorming, and prototyping. This workshop will allow you to empathetically understand your constituents and their needs, and successfully build programs, products, and/or services that directly meet their needs.

Visioning (1-3 hours)
Practical visioning is key to the success of any project or movement. During this workshop, participants learn unique and precise tools which help them formulate the vision of the project they want to implement.

Environmental Scan (1-3 hours)
How do you understand your customers? Who are your competitors? Who can you partner with? This workshop provides tools to understand and segment your customers, identify other players in your field, and discover what you can learn from, emulate, or avoid as you build your idea.

Rapid Prototyping (1-3 hours)
You want to build an enterprise that will change the world. Before you fully launch a project, test your basic assumptions on a minimum viable product and assess its potential impact. In this fun and interactive session, we get down to business and start building rapid prototypes of your new idea.

Double Bottom Line (3 hours)
How can you ensure that your programs, products, and services are creating the change you want to see in the world? How do you create a social enterprise that does not rely solely on charitable contributions? This seminar teaches social enterprises – non- profits and for-profits alike – how to build a business model with a double bottom line that focuses on financial and social goals.

Pitching (1-2 hours)
You’ve developed an amazing project, but how do you encourage others to identify with your cause and support it? This interactive workshop teaches you how to effectively pitch your idea or project.

Budgeting and Operations (1-3 hours)
This workshop teaches how to build a quality workplan that includes task setting, focusing on feasible goals, and measuring outcomes. In addition, the workshop shares professional tools for building a budget based on your workplan.

Friendraising and Financing (1-3 hours)
This workshop teaches how to create support, financial and social capital, for your idea. Topics include fundraising capital for your project or venture, volunteer and donor stewardship, and other creative ways to fund your idea.

Volunteer Management (1-2 hours)
Recruitment and management of volunteers is a crucial element in managing a social venture - but how can you do it well? This workshop shares relevant human resources principles and technological tools to motivate, manage, and work with volunteers.

Networking (1-2 hours)
How do you build relationships to further your project, business, or career? When and how is it appropriate to keep in touch with people you meet? In this session, participants learn how to build and maintain relationships in support of their larger mission or goals, and practice their networking skills so they are good to go.

Intro to Social Entrepreneurship (1-2 hours)
Social entrepreneurship has become a hot buzzword, but what does it mean? In this seminar, we teach the history of social entrepreneurship and focus on several case studies to illustrate its local and global impact.

Digital Tools (2 hours)
This workshop shares advanced tools for entrepreneurs and media teams alike, teaching them to expand their support base and reach out to a large global network. The digital tools workshop includes both social media as well as productivity hacks, online apps and sites that are useful in managing projects, and general tips of how to use the digital world in supporting your in project management.

Building a Core Team (1-3 hours)
In order to make change in the world, you have to have a team of individuals supporting you along the way. This workshop supports entrepreneurs and professionals in identifying key organizational needs, hiring, management, and culture building (both for volunteers and staff).

Shark Tank (2-3 hours)
Based off the style of the popular TV show, participants pitch their ideas and get feedback (and potentially funding) from community leaders and mentors.

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