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PresenTense is a community of innovators and entrepreneurs, thinkers and leaders, creators and educators, from around the world, who employ entrepreneurship as a tool to enrich communal life, grow local economies and solve critical issues facing society.
PresenTense equips people and institutions with the principles of innovation, the wisdom of Jewish values, and the power of a shared community to develop creative solutions for a vibrant and engaged future.
Got a changemaking idea that you want to launch? Want to advise and support a new entrepreneur? Seeking to make a change in your community? Learn how you can get involved in a PresenTense program or bring an accelerator or workshop to your community.

Israel has become known as the “Start-up Nation;” however, only 15% of the population actually benefits from Israel’s technology revolution. We believe that the power of innovation should be ignited across Israel so that 100% of the population can enjoy its rewards. We call it building the “Ground-up Nation.” PresenTense Israel is the leading organization providing infrastructure and backbone support to strengthen Israeli society through entrepreneurship. Since 2007 we have been asking the question: what can we do to make entrepreneurship more accessible and how can we channel entrepreneurship to focus on improving society? We opened the first co-working hub in Israel, launched the first social venture accelerator, the first accelerator for Arab entrepreneurs in Israel, the first accelerator for Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) women and the first accelerator in the world focused on innovative solutions for people with disabilities. The impact has been the launch of over 350 businesses, tech startups and social ventures – that are growing local economies through job growth, enriching community life through volunteer engagement and solving core society problems as our ventures impact tens of thousands of lives. During the next phase of our development we will continue to work with partners to identify and fill in gaps in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Join us today, in the PresenTense!
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