A New Recipe for Israeli Heroism

Makings of Falafel Man

Israeli culture values heroes who do not have any special powers. They are mere mortals, only with striking character traits such as pioneership, initiative, vision, and decisive intelligence employed for the protection of Israel.


Pitch an Idea

Enjoying the Act of Giving

The Happy Givers, a program launched in London on September 23, 2009, will introduce what some feel is a missing factor amongst young Jews balancing whether and how to give philanthropically: peer pressure.

Give and Take

Thinking Anew About Giving to Israel

Well before the founding of the State of Israel, Jews in the Diaspora were sending money to support a variety of causes in the Land of Israel. The simple model, however, of Diaspora Jews as donors and Israeli Jews as recipients, has become outdated. It is no longer axiomatic for many young Diaspora Jews that they need to send money to a successful country whose fate seems to have little impact on their own lives.

What Does It Mean to Be Affiliated?

bridging the gap between the affiliated and the unaffiliated

Not Just a Spoke in a Wheel

how young professionals can make an impact within the organized Jewish community

Rules of Engagement

Lessons in Leadership

Why Does Teach For America Care About REALITY?

We at Teach For America are trying to build a movement of leaders committed to ending educational inequality in the United States. To do this, for the past 20 years, we have recruited, trained, and supported recent college graduates of all academic majors to teach for two years in public schools in low-income communities across the country. We believe that, as a result of working to catch our students up, our corps members will gain the added conviction, commitment, and insight to spend their careers addressing the myriad reasons why the achievement gap between students from low- and high-income backgrounds exists.

REALITY represents the first major program in recent memory to enable our corps members to deeply reflect for an extended period of time about their experiences in the classroom, what it makes them think about root causes of inequity, and what they wish to do with their lives.

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