...Let the deliverables begin!

Tali Minsberg>>Sun Jun 21, 2009

Every week, each fellow presents a "deliverable" to Aharon or Ariel, explaining one aspect of thier project. The past week, the fellows were assigned to present a short explanation of their venture's quest and target participants. Look below to see a creative deliverable by Michael Podberezin, and stay tuned for more updates:

Deliverable 1 from Michael Podberezin on Vimeo.


Team Fellows ’09

Tali Minsberg>>Tue Jun 16, 2009

Each fellow arrived at PresenTense Summer Institute ‘09 with an idea, a laptop, and a great deal of passion. 24 hours since their arrival, the energy at PTI '09 is contagious. Monday and Tuesday’s orientation is providing fellows with a educational jumpstart. PT co-founders Ariel Beery and Aharon Horwitz have led the fellows through transmedia, grassroots campaigns and social publishing. Within two days, websites are under construction, brands are being created, and ideas are becoming polished. Just imagine what the fellows will have to present at pitch night at the end of July.  

Monday night, fellows demonstrated the ability to work as a team even in the most arduous of circumstances, making a gourmet dinner silently - and putting together an impromptu web site for it from scratch. Through the next six weeks, the fellows will create a strong support system. The hub is the “home field” for “TEAM FELLOWS ‘09.” The team will brainstorm together, network together, and trade technical tools to make each individual vision a reality.  

From a fellow that plans the “Open Siddur Project” to give individuals a siddur of their own, to a fellow starting “Green Me Up,” a program encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint through competition, the dreams of the PTI '09 fellows are diverse.  Yet each fellow has the same goal. Each came to PTI '09 to make their vision a reality, and each will leave to enter the world with a plan. 

Check back soon for more exciting updates, and follow our Twitter stream and hashtag #pti09 -

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