Boston Fellowship Launch Night

Simi Hinden>>Sun Jul 4, 2010

Missed the Boston Fellowship launch night back in May? Want to hear community reactions about the fellowship? Check out this video and watch the fellows' pitches, reactions from steering committee members, and thoughts from coaches and skillbuilders.


Cleveland fellows pitch their ideas

Simi Hinden>>Sun Jul 4, 2010

Watch Noah, Jenny, and Madeline, PresenTense Institute's three Cleveland Fellows, pitch their big ideas to reJEWvenate the Cleveland Jewish community.


Congratulations to 3 Past PresenTense Fellows Selected as "36 Under 36" in NY Jewish Week

Ben Chaidell>>Thu Jun 17, 2010

Mazel Tov to Eli Winkleman, founder of Challah for Hunger and '07 Summer Fellow; Charlie Schwartz, co-founder of Media Midrash and '09 Summer Fellow; and JT Waldman, founder of Tagged Tanach, acclaimed illustrator, and '08 Summer Fellow! Check out the full "36 Under 36" here.




Garbage2Garden Announces its first composting site!

Simi Hinden>>Mon Jun 7, 2010

From Tess Lehrich, 2010 Jerusalem Winter fellow:

מאשפה לגינה גאים לבשר על תחילת הפיילוט של פרוייקט הקומפוסט במסעדה ההודית, בדרום תל אביב, 24 רופי! 

חשוב לציין כי הפרוייקט מתאפשר בזכות הגינה הקהילתית בפלורנטין, שם גם יהיה אתר הקומפוסט. שוב תודה להם שסיפקו לנו את המקום!

מעכשיו, צוות מאשפה לגינה ו24 רופי מכריזים: יום שני "יום הקומפוסט". בכל יום שני ,תעשה הפרדה בין זבל אורגני לשאר הפסולת של המסעדה ובסוף של יום נעביר יחד אל תוך מיכל בגינה הקהילתית. 

שם, נהפוך את שאריות הטאלי שלנו לאדמה יפה, בריאה, טבעית, ושימושית.  הקומפוסט ימכר גם במסעדה עצמה, וגם בחנויות גינון מקומיות בתל אביב. למענכם ובשבילכם לשימוש פרטי בגינה, בגג, במרפסת או סתם אפילו בשביל עציץ במקלחת (:


Let's talk about Change

Shelby Zitelman>>Wed May 26, 2010

(Disclaimer:  Barack Obama is not referenced in this post other than this first sentence)
I don't normally read the Opinions section of the NY Times, but on occasion I find myself checking out David Brooks' column.  So last night I happened upon his latest article, entitlted "Two Theories of Change" which was published on May 24th. 
In this piece Brooks discusses two approaches to Enlightenment - one inspired by Descartes who understood the human pursuit of knowledge to be deeply embedded in the power of indivudal reason.

Go Fund Me

Elana Boehm>>Fri May 14, 2010

The idea for this weeks' blog post comes courtesy of one of the Boston Steering Committee members, Josh Plavner. 

As we approach the official end of the first CJP/PresenTense Boston Social Entrepreneur Fellowship, and the big Launch Night event, the fellows are starting to get anxious about funding and support for the their projects.  The Launch Night event is one way for the fellows to meet potential investors and partners,  but it's only one opportunity.  The fellows' follow-up strategy for people they meet at Launch Night and beyond is key to their success, both in terms of effectively managing stakeholders and in presenting a professional image for the fellow and his/her venture. 

Go Fund Me is an innovative approach to online fundraising.  Their user-friendly, eye-catching website helps individuals, companies, and organizations create fundraising strategies and then spread the word and collect money.


Maximizing our community's resources to best contribute to the Jewish people

Melissa Meyers>>Sun Apr 18, 2010

 This past week marked two events that got me thinking about PT and maximizing our human capital for the betterment of the community. 1) Brachie Sprung, our Fellowship coordinator, and I spoke to a post-college Israel group about digital tools 2) Our quarterly meeting, which brought together PT's staff in Israel, Boston and NY.

The post-college Israel group were enthusiastic and eager to get involved. We talked about the magazine, interning and heard some great ideas for fellows projects. They are about to enter the workforce or go on to grad school. We look forward to their involvement in the PT Network.


CJP/PresenTense Fellowship Launch Night in Boston

Elana Boehm>>Fri Apr 2, 2010


Planning for the Launch Night event is well under way.  If you're in Boston, we hope to see you there! 


Email me at for more information or to be added to the invite list.


Concentric Circles of Engagement: The Boston Model

Elana Boehm>>Fri Mar 19, 2010

Hi!  My name is Elana Boehm and I am the Boston Coordinator for the CJP/PresenTense Boston Social Entrepreneur Fellowship.  This is my first post to the PresenTense blog and I am excited to add my voice to the impressive collection of global PresenTense staff and volunteers.

In my first blog post, I want to talk about our theory of Concentric Circles of Engagement.  Many people look at the Fellowship and are excited by the mechanism we're creating to support Jewish innovation in Boston, but question the level of impact we're having in the broader Boston community.  At the outset, it seems that we're spending a lot of time, talent, and treasure to engage and train twelve fellows. 


The Jerusalem Winter Fellowship Presents: Visions of Jerusalem as a Cultural Center

Shelby Zitelman>>Mon Feb 22, 2010

Three of our Jerusalem Fellows share their visions of Jerusalem as a Cultural Center.  Check out the live streaming video of the panel discussion on!

Watch live streaming video from presentense at


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