Meet the Fellows

Social Action

Whether working to generate an ethic of civic obligation in Israel or to develop scalable environmental initiatives, social entrepreneurs can help organizations and communities transform themselves for the sake of their local environment and the world.

Meet the Fellows

Community Organizing

Barack Obama’s political campaign in the United States showed the world the power of online community organizing and its potential for empowering the broad mass of individuals to participate in communal decision-making. In mobilizing community members to act in the interest of change for the better, social entrepreneurs can develop and utilize communications technologies to do for the Jewish People what Obama did for the American People.

Meet the Fellows

Jewish Education

Using new technologies, creative 21st-century educational tools can impart Jewish values, make our historic traditions accessible to learners, and ensure relevancy for the future. In building such infrastructure, innovators are bridging the gaps between past and present, Israel and the Diaspora.

Meet the Fellows

Arts Education

Arts education, Jewish texts, and creation—in combination, these areas can have a powerful influence on students’ growth and development. Social innovators in arts education seek to explore how to capitalize on the intersection between these fields and mobilize teachers to integrate arts into Jewish education.

Perspectives Israel: Apply for the Pilot Trip

Simi Hinden>>Sun Feb 7, 2010

Are you a Rabbinical student? Jewish educator? Jewish social entrepreneur/activist?

Are you interested in hearing a variety of viewpoints on the conflict in an open and non-judgmental setting?

Do you want to go beyond theory and op-eds and get to the human dimensions of the conflict?


Click here to submit an online application


Personalize the people and faces of the conflict beyond the headlines

Experience firsthand elements of the conflict by leaving the classroom

Explore the relevancy of Jewish values, ethics and morals surrounding the conflict from multiple perspectives

Challenge and form your own perspectives about the conflict through exposure to differing views


Click here to see a sample itinerary


When: Thursday – Friday March 4-5, 2010 (orientation on Thursday evening February 25, debriefing Monday evening March 8)

Cost: 200 NIS including food and overnight accommodations

Application deadline: Midnight Sunday-Monday, February 21

For questions please contact Chaim Landau, 054-753-9943


PresenTense Summer Institute- Spread the word!

Brachie Sprung>>Mon Nov 30, 2009

Have an idea for a social start-up? The PresenTense Summer Institute application process has officially opened!

Apply here!

Want to learn more? Check out our website




בית פתוח Open House @ PresenTense

Maya Sarig>>Wed Sep 30, 2009


Visit the PRESENTENSE Open House to experience first hand the
future of Israel and meet the social entrepreneurs who are launching
and managing ventures that take on social challenges facing
Israel and the Jewish People. Located in the heart of the German
Colony, PresenTense’s Hub offers workspace, a conference room,
conversation clusters, and an environment that is both inspiring
and animating. Come hear about Presentense’s range of activities,
speakers, and events — and how you can contribute to our future,
wherever you are.

בואו לבית הפתוח שלנו להביט פנימה לעבר הגל החדש של הציונות היצירתית.

בואו לדבר עם חברי המרחב המשותף, לפגוש את בוגרי המכון, לבדוק מה קורה
בחממה ליזמות, ולשמוע על מגוון הפעילויות שלנו. מצפים

האירוע יתקיים בתאריך 5.10.09 בין השעות 10:00 - 12:00.



VIDEO: PresenTense Visits Google Haifa

>>Tue Jul 7, 2009

PresenTense is spending the day up North, visiting Israel's leading centers of innovation and technology. The fellows were up early to make it to Haifa by 9am for a private tour of Google's Haifa office and some exclusive peeks at its newest technologies (sorry - we weren't allowed to video it!).

A more thorough write-up will follow, but here's a teaser to whet your appetite:



VIDEO: PresenTense Visits Google Haifa

>>Tue Jul 7, 2009

PresenTense is spending the day up North, visiting Israel's leading centers of innovation and technology. The fellows were up early to make it to Haifa by 9am for a private tour of Google's Haifa office and some exclusive peeks at its newest technologies (sorry - we weren't allowed to video it!).

A more thorough write-up will follow, but here's a teaser to whet your appetite:



Get to Know Our Star Summer Speakers: Meet Sandy Cardin

Deborah Fishman>>Tue Jun 23, 2009


In anticipation of PT's upcoming Summer Speaker Series, we'd like to let you in on a sneak preview of our leading speakers – their innovative work, and their visions for the future. (By the way, you can register for the event here.)
Meet Sandy Cardin (bio here), the president of the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, the Center for Leadership Initiatives, and the Schusterman Foundation - Israel. Sandy will be speaking at 64 Emek Refaim in Jerusalem on June 24, at 8pm.
PT's Sarah Sechan had the opportunity to ask him a few questions before we welcome him on June 24 to speak on "The Future of Philanthropy." 
PT: What events led to your involvement in the Jewish community?
SC: I have always been involved in Jewish life. I grew up in a strong Jewish and Zionist home. My mother was born in Palestine, before Israel became a state, and both of my parents were very active in the Jewish community and proud Jews. After entering my professional career, I realized that what I enjoyed was working in the nonprofit Jewish community. I first worked for Keren Yerushalayim in Baltimore. While working there, I met the Schustermans, and I have been working with them for the past 15 years.
PT: What is the impact you are most proud of making?
SC: I am proud of the way in which I’ve been able to help the Schustermans shape their philanthropic agenda, over 90% of which goes to Jewish communities around the globe.
PT: What is the most important lesson you’ve learned along the way that you would like to share with budding social entrepreneurs?
SC: The most important lesson I have learned is that it is critical for the future of Jewish life and global Jewry that we embrace the diversity of the Jewish people, the many different voices of the Jewish people and the many different perspectives in Jewish life and Jewish thought. We need to find a way to weave all these voices into the tapestry that has been valuable for thousands of years.
PT: In your opinion, what are some of the characteristics of a successful Jewish organization?
SC: First, it must have a mission in its purpose that resonates with significant numbers of Jews. It needs a strong message and it needs to know what it is seeking to accomplish—promoting the relevance, meaning, and joy of Jewish life. Second, it needs leadership, people capable of incorporating the organization’s vision into teaching and working in the program. The program needs volunteers and participants to give, not to take—to share in the programming. In the era of social networking, offering something to people that they simply take is no longer the key to success. A successful program involves a two-way iterative process, and populating the program with people who understand that process is going to be very important. Being opening and welcoming of people wanting to participate is going to be important. Small, elite programs are not good; we are a small enough group as it is. Third, we live in the real world, so we need to find a way to make the programs financially self-sustaining.
PT: What is your vision for the Jewish People and/or the State of Israel?
SC: My vision for the State of Israel is one I think I share with everyone: a safe and secure state, a vibrant, lively State of Israel living in a peaceful world. We could then  focus our attention away from security issues and towards the betterment of society so that Israel can become the light unto the nations, leading to both technological and spiritual advancements. My vision for the Jewish people is to take the opportunity to become a global network to help the Jewish people grow and contribute to society in general.


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