PTSchool Courses and Packages

The PresenTense IdeaSlam


What: Brainstorm and map out new ideas, and then build an action plan to kickstart new ventures.


  • IdeaSlam: Fun, interactive brainstorming technique
  • History of the Future: Imagine and develop a shared future vision

Time: 3 hours

Digital Tools Bootcamp


What: Get the word out about your idea, build support, and harness the power of social networking to grow a community online.


  • Sharing Vision: Creating an online presence
  • Advanced Social Media Tools, Campaigns, and Strategy
  • Transmedia: Combine real world and web experiences

Time: 3 hours

Ninja Networking


What: Master tools to effectively pitch your project, involve and engage your community, work effectively with a volunteer team, and network like a ninja.


  • Pitching and Friendraising
  • Volunteer Management
  • Case Studies

Time: 3 hours

Intrapreneur’s Toolkit (NEW!)


What: Foster new and innovative thinking within your organization. Learn tools to take stock of current resources and create plans for change within existing organizational systems.


  • Organizational Resource Mapping
  • Innovate from Within

Time: 3 hours

Venture Accelerator


What: Brainstorm, build, and create the pieces to launch a new venture in a short time period, using part of PresenTense’s successful Community Entrepreneur Partnership curriculum.


  • IdeaSlam
  • Introduction to Visioning: Fully develop and explain your vision
  • Environmental Scan: Learn from other organizations in the field
  • Social Business Models: Expanding revenue-generating opportunities
  • Prototyping and Assessment: Test assumptions and measure impact of a minimum viable product, prior to launch
  • Friend and Fundraising: Building communal support
  • Operations and Finance: Build a solid workplan of achievable tasks

Time: 18 hours total, over a period of 2 days to 2 weeks

Or - create your own package! Tell us about your organization, staff, target audience, goals, purpose, and we’ll customize a set of sessions just for you.

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