Be a Mentor!

Are you a skilled professional with a host of experience and a desire to share what you’ve learned? If so, you may be exactly what a younger social entrepreneur needs to develop their vision into a sustainable venture. PresenTense Accelerators call on seasoned professionals with deep expertise to help guide our entrepreneurs as they start their social entrepreneurial quest.

What is the PresenTense Accelerator?
PresenTense's Venture Accelerator educates and equips innovators who are developing new initiatives and social start-ups. These entrepreneurs benefit from ideas, tools, and connections they need to enable their ventures to succeed - enabling them to take their ideas, build them into pioneering expeditions, and launch them into a supportive community committed to their success. Learn more at

What is a mentor?
A mentorship is a relationship that develops between two individuals, where the mentor provides counsel in an area of expertise, support through potential networking opportunities, and an example as a role model. The core goals of mentorship include:

  • Building: Facilitation of the exploration of an area of mutual interest, with the mentor imparting knowledge, tools, and resources that will aid in the mentee's learning and development.
  • Problem-solving: Delving into pressing questions that may be challenges facing the mentor of mentee in their work.
  • Network-building: The mentor assists the mentee in networking, both in his or her area of expertise and beyond. Meanwhile, by forging connections between mentors and mentees, each party's network is strengthened.

Long-term goals:

  • Inspiration: Motivating the mentee along his or her path as an innovator through exposure to leaders changing the world, and inspiring the mentor through an appreciation of up-and-coming thinkers with new ideas and passion.
  • Opening New Doors: Helping the mentee understand and consider new options in the field, and gain the knowledge and confidence to strengthen and pursue new directions.
  • Creation of Value: Demonstrating the value of forging connections and establishing channels of collaboration.
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