Jerusalem ecosystem

PresenTense Israel's activity originated in Jerusalem, to this day is a major part of our activities take place in the capital of social entrepreneurship, where there are thriving high-tech and entrepreneurship scenes.
As pioneers of entrepreneurship in Israel in general and Jerusalem in particular, we have established the first hub in Israel (and Jerusalem), the first israeli accelerator for social entrepreneurship "Yazamim", the first accelerator for haredi women "Yazamiot", the first tech accelerator in East Jerusalem, "SmartX" held at JEST, the first hub in East Jerusalem and in 2016- LEAP, a skalerator for social entrepreneurship, the first in the country.
The Jerusalem ecosystem is unique in many ways: It's community, diversity of people and backgrounds, variety of fields, collaborations, events, networking and firgun (ego-free support & encouragement) and we are proud to be part of it.
An important part of the Jerusalem ecosystem is the events that take place every month. Together with our partners at Siftech and a dedicated team of volunteers, we are leading "FuckUp Nights", an international initiative which started in 2012 in Mexico aiming to publish stories of failure as inspiration, since he who did not fail, did not tried.


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