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Are you seeking to brainstorm new ideas, foster innovative thinking, accelerate new projects, iterate business models, or communicate vision?
PresenTense workshops and seminars will train you on all these topics, and much more. Workshops are suitable for organizations, communities and various groups.
We have developed the most innovative content and our curriculum includes ore concepts and tools from a variety of leading organizations and educational institutions, including IDEO, Harvard Business School, Stanford’s d. School, Lean Startup and the Business Model Canvas. 
Our workshops include:
IdeaSlam (1.5-2 hours)
You want to create change - but how do you generate quality ideas? PresenTense’s IdeaSlam is a fun, interactive workshop that gets participants’ creativity flowing, helping them uncover challenges and brainstorm new ideas.
Start-up Nation Innovation Tour* (2-4 hours)
With the second-largest number of start-ups in the world after Silicon Valley, there is no doubt that Israel is well deserving of the title “Start-up Nation.” Our tour takes place in Tel Aviv, the heart of the entrepreneurship scene in Israel, and we will learn about and deepen our knowledge of basic start-up terms, meet entrepreneurs and get to know the start-up scene through private and municipal hubs and centers. In addition, we will discuss the start-up scene’s gaps, particularly between big cities and the periphery, and highlight ways to make the Start-up Nation accessible to everyone.
From Start-up Nation to Ground-up Nation* (2-4 hours)
Social entrepreneurship is the heart of PresenTense, as we strive to grow local economies, enrich community life, and solve critical issues facing Israeli society. As an organization that has 17 accelerators in Israel and around the world and advises dozens of organizations and public institutions, we will share how Israel is unique in the social entrepreneurship sphere, and how we are working to create social impact across Israel and around the world through our accelerators and changemaking entrepreneurs.
Intro to Social Entrepreneurship (1.5 hours)
In this workshop we will discuss the basic terms and trends of the start-up world, with a specific focus on social entrepreneurship. In addition, we will understand how the world is changing, how financial models together with technology can change the world of finance, fundraising, and communications, and how regular people can create an outsized social impact.
Intro to Design Thinking (1.5-3 hours)
IDEO’s Design Thinking methodology has changed how companies approach innovation. In this workshop, we’ll learn about the three main areas of Design Thinking:
Inspiration: What challenge are we seeking to solve? What can we learn from it?
Ideation: What solutions can we come up with (products/services)? How can a productive brainstorm lead to real creativity?
Implementation: What is a prototype? What is a Minimum Viable Product and why is it important? How can you create an MVP without spending a lot of money?
Afterwards, we will practice how we can apply them towards our own challenges.
Intro to Innovative Business Models – Business Model Canvas (3 hours)
A strong business model is one of the most important parts of a venture. The Business Model Canvas is one of the most innovative tools, currently used by top MBA programs and leading companies worldwide. It allows you to break down a business model into parts (audiences, partners, income, and more) with the help of guiding questions. Once you assemble all the parts in the canvas, you can see the big picture business model. During this workshop, we will discuss the importance of the Business Model Canvas, how it is built, and how it can serve you and your project. We will also practice how to use the canvas with different, non-standard models.
New Financing Models for Social Entrepreneurship
Social Entrepreneurship isn’t just about philanthropic fundraising. The digital revolution has changed many industries and fields, including that of raising funds to support new beneficiaries, volunteers, the broader public, and new customers. In this workshop we will learn about new models in fundraising, including campaigns, networking groups to increase income, crowdfunding, and using cultural and sports events as platforms for fundraising.
Visioning and History of the Future (3 hours)
You have a great idea, and important solution to a pressing need. Where do we go from here, and who is joining us? Each journey, partnership, or venture needs a clear vision from the first moment. The vision is critical to all stages of action, and helps lay a strong foundation for all of the venture’s actions, including goals, target audiences, creating a roadmap, and measuring success, but even more important, it is about persuading people to join you in your journey. In this meeting, we will deepen our understanding of the elements of a strong vision, understand what is our unique value proposition, and how it serves our audiences. Afterwards, we will be able to write a “History of the Future”.
History of the Future (1 hour)
What will your project look like in the future? In this workshop, participants imagine their project’s programs several years into the future, and use that to work backwards to develop an initial workplan that will lead them towards fulfilling that vision. This tool enables us to more deeply understand our goals and aspirations, and understand what steps are needed to make them happen.
Becoming an Expert: Environmental Scan (3 hours)
In this session, participants learn to expand their horizons and move beyond one specific solution to their challenge. They learn how to understand other players in the field and how they are solving this challenge, or similar ones. We will learn about and practice the 4 C’s methodology, visual maps, and the Maven Map.
Creating a Value Proposition: Know Your Customer (3-4 hours)
The key to solving many challenges and dilemmas in an organization’s life is knowing one’s customers and their user experiences around your value proposition. In this session, we will examine if we correctly understand who our different customers are and learn how to segment them based on demographics, behavior, and needs. We will use the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool for mapping out their needs, and discuss methods for creating surveys and conducing customer interviews.
Customer-Based Prototyping: Design Your Product (3-4 hours)
A prototype allows us to learn, analyze, and iterate on our original idea.  We will ask participants to check their initial assumptions in order to build a prototype and receive feedback from potential customers. The goal is to assess the venture or project in action, through a simple model that measures the impact on a sample size of customers. Participants will use the value propositions that they have already built, if available.
Budgeting, Financing, and Operations (4 hours)
This workshop focuses on a financial strategy for the venture/project, and includes preparing several important documents, including a clear workplan, and a financial model of income and expenses for the venture. We will ask participants to prepare a list of products/services and their prices/costs. In addition, we will work with them to create a yearly budget and a three-year projection which will explain their future financial model.
Pitching and Presentation
In this workshop, participants practice creating and giving a clear pitch, as well as public speaking, with a focus on the classic “elevator pitch.” In addition, we learn different tools and methodologies for building customized pitches for investors, volunteers, customers, and partners. This workshop includes theory as well as practice time and customized feedback.
Marketing (2 hours)
During this workshop we focus on useful tools that entrepreneurs need as they begin to brand and market their project. We examine in depth what is branding and marketing, and focus on building a presentation, marketing flyer, and executive summary.
Volunteer Management (2 hours)
Non-profits and social businesses involve many volunteers, including steering committees, mentors, interns, and more. Each volunteer has his or her own motivation for getting involved, as well as personal skills and experience, and it is important to know how to harness these skills and energies towards your venture. We will learn about tools and strategies to effectively recruit and mentor volunteers, and this workshop is great for building a basic framework for resource development. 
Building a Core Team**
A dedicated and high quality team of individuals is key to creating change in the world. This seminar supports entrepreneurs and professionals in identifying key organizational needs, hiring, management, and culture building (both for volunteers and staff).
*Israel only
**North America only
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