Be a Coach!

Are you a business savvy person that enjoys brainstorming new ideas? Do you have experience in a specific industry you'd like to share? Do you want to grow your strength as a manager?

Become a Coach for a PresenTense Fellowship
The PresenTense Fellowship pairs business-savvy Coaches (generally in their 20s-30s) with socially-conscious young professionals interested in improving their community. Coaches use their talents, experiences and passion to foster social change through a five-month program training Community Entrepreneurs to transform their ideas for local impact into successful ventures.
Coach are community members with industry-specific experience, an exemplary skill-set, or possess a general knowledge with an inquisitive and creative approach to problem solving. Individuals interested in coaching are taught PresenTense's time-tested coaching tools and supported as they grow their skills and experience.

Coaches meet other impact-driven young professionals through their work, and get access to leading community members, businesspeople and philanthropists, all while having the opportunity to support local community entrepreneurs as they develop their ventures from the bottom up. 



What is the commitment?

  • Coaches are required to attend three 1.5 hour-long training sessions in December, February and April. Coaches meet with their matched-entrepreneur at least one hour per month, January through May.
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