Threshold   Class of 2012

Matthew is a historian and social entrepreneur based in Jerusalem. He is the founder of the New Jerusalem Talmud, a platform to teach critical thinking online and in educational settings. In 2002 he co-founded "Turning The Tide," a grass-roots initiative for pro-Israel bloggers to post to open-source independent media during the intifada. He is co-founder of "Off The Map" and "Left In", initiatives to combat BDS & the delegitimization of Israel. He has an MA in History and Interdisciplinary Studies from Bar Ilan University, and a BA in History from Yale University. He worked as an analyst on Wall St. for many years before making Aliyah, and was an activist on behalf of anti-corporate-globalization and American-Indian-land-rights issues.


The New Jerusalem Talmud

Founded by Matthew Mausner

Venture Facts


The New Jerusalem Talmud is a methodology and technology inspired by the graphic format and reasoning process of the Talmud; it aims to teach and empower critical thinking with chutzpah and imagination about modern secular issues and controversies. The NJT'۪s innovative platform includes software, interactive websites, seminars, workshops, events, and publishing. The New Jerusalem Talmud offers services to schools, institutions, businesses, and the public.

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