JCC PresenTense Chicago   Class of 2012

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Jessica is proud of her Midwestern roots and excited to be in Chicago after five years in New York. Jessica graduated from the joint program between Columbia University and the Jewish Theological Seminary where she studied the history of social inequality in the Americas and Midrash. After finishing her undergraduate degrees, she attended the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts and graduated as a certified natural foods chef. Jessica is now a Bilingual SNAP Outreach Coordinator at the Greater Chicago Food Depository, helping hungry people get access to food stamp benefits.


Dinners at the Table

Founded by Jessica Fisher

Venture Facts


Dinner Around the Table is dedicated to bringing Chicago's Jewish families back to the table.

We teach Jewish families how to make delicious, health-supportive, and affordable meals together. Through hands-on participation in the kitchen, families will create lasting bonds to each other and the food that nourishes them. 

Dinner Around the Table will work with synagogues, Jewish day schools, and community centers in Chicago to teach Jewish families about why it is a Jewish value to eat well, the ethics behind Kashrut--eating what is "fit," or kosher, and how to be conscious, healthy consumers. 

But it's not just about eating--each family that pays for a cooking class from Dinner Around the Table will also be helping a family that cannot afford the program take the same class free of charge.

At Dinner Around the Table, all families will create positive connections with each other and with food, learning about themselves and their bodies along the way.

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