NYC Fellowship  New York Class of 2012

Irene Meisel is the educational technology integrator at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School. She has a passion for Jewish education and open source software, and the intersection between the two. Using Drupal, a php/mysql based content management system and a Linux server with a LAMP stack, she works with teachers at Heschel to create curriculum-driven websites. One of these, an online role-play of 1st-century Jerusalem, is part of a larger endeavor, Project Sacred Space (PSS) that uses Google Sketch-up and design software (such as the open source GIMP) to create a 3D rendering of a post-temple sacred space and its accompanying iconography and liturgy. 


Project Sacred Space

Founded by Irene Meisel

Venture Facts


Project Sacred Space will include a Drupal distribution of Judea, which will make it readily available for any other school that would like to use it. In conjunction with this, will be a package of related PSS materials, such as basic sketches for a number of proto-synagogues and some examples of early siddurim. PSS will offer free or relatively cheap server space for hosting the online role play.

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