Tel Aviv Mazeh 9  Tel Aviv Class of 2012

Gal has lived in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and and is a social technology entrepreneur. He has a degree in business administration and marketing with a focus on the dynamics of groups and individuals.



Founded by Gal Friedman

Venture Facts

Community Organizing

ShabbaTLV is a modern interpretation of wine, art, and music for the Sabbath. Once a month, Israelis' young secular Jewish culture is celebrated with a modern and up-to-date Shabbat celebration. Together, everyone helps create a space and form a new experience to shape the Jewish experience - with our own hands, spiritual, and to celebrate the significant things for us - and take back responsibility for our culture.

Songs, stories, dancing and singing for Shabbat, accompanied by wine, beer and other treats will be part of the experience. Each meeting, ShabbaTLV hosts intellectuals and artists for a fascinating meeting.

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