Aaron Wolff

Washington DC ConnectGens

Gather the Jews

Aaron loves to Gather, but also has a “real job” as an engineer with the US Army. Aaron...   See full bio

Abby Kolker

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Progressive Activism and Volunteering in Israel

Abby Kolker was born in Baltimore, Maryland but is now a proud Tel Avivian. Since university, she...   See full bio

Adam Scheldt


The Jewish Teachers Network

Adam Scheldt is originally from a small farming community in Illinois. He graduated from Knox...   See full bio

Adam Shamam

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Tel Aviv Cultural Hostel

Hi I am an Australian that now lives here. I served as a hayal boded and now have made aliyah a few...   See full bio

Adam Soclof

Global Summer Institute


Adam Soclof



Adam Soclof was part of the first PresenTense Jerusalem Fellowship in 2007 and partnered with Bible...   See full bio

Adam Tilove


Hashpa'ah – The Jewish Mentor Project

Adam Tilove's three great loves in life are his family, Judaism, and teaching. He is a graduate...   See full bio

Addie Lewis Klein

Tribe12 Philadelphia

My Chosen One

I have devoted my career to the Jewish community. At my core, I am a community builder. I have...   See full bio

Adena Blickstein


JeWTA: Jewish Women's Talent Agency

I am a motivated, dedicated individual with enthusiasm for the Jewish community, the arts, and...   See full bio

Adi Arbel

Global Summer Institute

AIM Teams

Adi was born in Holon 33 years ago and has lived in Jerusalem for the past three years. After...   See full bio

Adina Davies

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

All Aboard

For six years Adina developed and delivered a wide variety of programming to Jewish communities in...   See full bio

Aharon Varady

Global Summer Institute

The Open Siddur Project

Ala Barhoom

Yazamim Jerusalem


Ala has a BA in informal education with a teaching certificate, a certificate of specialization in...   See full bio

Aladin Jaber

Yazamim Jerusalem

Renaissance School

Aladin taught Civics for many years in Abu Gosh, an Arab neighborhood just outside Jerusalem. He...   See full bio

Alan Jaschkowitz


Alan Jaschkowitz is 37 years old, born in Guatemala, and moved to Mexico 3 years ago with his wife...   See full bio

Aleeza Ben Shalom

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Marriage Minded Mentor

Aleeza Ben Shalom is a leading authority on matchmaking through mentoring and has a reputation for...   See full bio

Alex Weisberg


Nachlaot Community Farmer's Market

Emunah and Alex are a married couple that has been living in Nachlaot for two years. They have been...   See full bio

Alex Zinn

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Run Littlefoot

As a social entrepreneur, Alex Zinn strives to have a tangible, positive impact on the Boston...   See full bio

Alexis Nissenbaum

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Yenta Travel

Alexis Nissenbaum was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and has always had a passion...   See full bio

Alisha Pedowitz


BJE Sulam: Powering the Mitzvah Project, A Digital Toolkit & Workspace

Alisha Pedowitz is an experiential Jewish educator whose work revolves around building and...   See full bio

Aliza Gershon

Yazamim Jerusalem

Growing Together

Married with five children, Aliza is a seventh generation Jerusalemite and an avid gardener. She...   See full bio

Alma Gadot-Perez

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Working Insight

Gadot-Perez, a "super-trailing spouse," lived in Montreal, Belgium, LA and Boston over...   See full bio

Alon Avidar

Yazamim Jerusalem

HaMartef Theatre

Alon is 21 year old, Jerusalem born and bred, recently released from an army service. He works at...   See full bio

Alon Metrikin-Gold

Yazamim Jerusalem


Alon is a Bachelor's Student of Sociology and Liberal arts, a social activist and a beginning...   See full bio

Amit Bob

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Israel At Home

There are many things that go into the equation of who I am. I am a Jew, born in Jerusalem, and a...   See full bio

Amit Ozeri

Yazamim Jerusalem

Havat Ye'arim

Amit was born and raised in Moshav Givat Ye’arim. After finishing high school, he studied in...   See full bio

Amy Fechter


Strategic Hebrew, Inc.

Amy is the founder of Strategic Hebrew, Inc., which offers children's programming, curriculum...   See full bio

Ana Fuchs

Global Summer Institute

Jewish Kids Groups

Ana Fuchs, a native Atlantan, is a pioneer in the field of alternative Jewish supplemental...   See full bio

Anat Horowitz Harel

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Beta TLV

Anat Horowitz Harel graduated from the Technion with a degree in architecture. She currently works...   See full bio

Angie Hsu

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


I am a Taiwanese-American feminist, activist, and passionate believer in workers' rights,...   See full bio

Anna Velichko

Kaet St. Petersburg

Prepatory Course for State Exam

Anna is interested in history, dance, and ecology.   See full bio

Anna Zharova

Yazamim Jerusalem


Anna has a BA in educational counseling and an MA in organizational development. She has 10 years...   See full bio

Anne Hromadka

Global Summer Institute


Anne is a  leader whose educational and professional experiences reflect a unique skill set...   See full bio

Anya Polishuk

Kaet St. Petersburg

Listing of Jewish St. Petersburg

Anya is an assistant of director in a design and investment company. She wants to create my own...   See full bio

Ari Eitan

Yazamim Jerusalem


Ari Eitan is a graduate of the well known ultra-Orthodox Mir Yeshiva and holds a law degree as a...   See full bio

Ariel Hurwich Braun

Yazamim Jerusalem

Amutat Yishai

Ariel Hurwich Braun is the founding director of Amutat Yishai. After receiving her BA from Barnard...   See full bio

Ariel Levinson

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Secular Yeshiva

Ariel earned his bachelors degree in Hebrew Literature and Jewish studies and a Masters in Hebrew...   See full bio

Arielle Doochin

Global Summer Institute


Arielle Doochin is an innovative pioneer in the field of  art and education. Having spent many...   See full bio

Arik Bornstein

Yazamim Jerusalem

ing Jerusalem

Arik Borenstein is a seasoned professional in the field of marketing and communications. He...   See full bio

Arkady Baranovsky

Kaet Moscow

Asher Gellis


JQ International

Asher Gellis’s involvement in Jewish communal work has taken him around the world in many...   See full bio

Ashley Waterman


Tell and Retell

Ashley Waterman grew up in Los Angeles, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education&...   See full bio

Assael Romanelli

Global Summer Institute

Potential State

Assael Romanelli, Educator and Performance artist, grew up in Israel and the USA. He graduated with...   See full bio

Assaf Mohar

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Engaged as an Entrepreneur in several business ventures.   See full bio

Atara Frish

Heseg Fellowship

PIT - Personal Interactive Test

Atara, originally from Kibbutz Reshafim, is a third-year film student. Atara is a creative soul and...   See full bio

Avi Bass

Global Summer Institute

Impact Aliyah

Avi Bass, 24, a recent graduate of Brandeis University, currently spends his time working to...   See full bio

Avi Parsha

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

TOMS Shoes for Needy Children

Avi Parsha grew up in Ramle and Rehovot. After high school, he deferred his army service to...   See full bio

Aviva Harbater

Yazamim Jerusalem

Kayama Moms

Aviva was born in the US, grew up in Rehovot and was involved in the...   See full bio

Avner Gvaryahu

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

TOMS Shoes for Needy Children

Avner Gvaryahu, 25, is a second-year student in the School of Social Work who lives in Tel Aviv...   See full bio

Avram Mandell


The Space Between

Avram Mandell has been the Director of Education at Leo Baeck Temple since 2004 He holds a Masters...   See full bio

Ayelet Lichtash

Washington DC ConnectGens

Israel Montessori Association

Born and raised in Israel through my thirties, I moved here with my husband for a one year...   See full bio

Baillie Aaron

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Venturing Out

Baillie Aaron is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Harvard University, where she discovered her...   See full bio

Barbara Reich

Global Summer Institute

Encontrarse en la Diversidad

Barbara has been actively involved in the Jewish community for her entire life.   See full bio

Baruch Shapiro


The Israel Herb School

Baruch Shapiro is a husband, father, herbalist, and director of Israel Herb School in the Emek...   See full bio

Batel Haham

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art

Batel has a BA in psychology, sociology and anthropology from Ben Gurion University. She has a...   See full bio

Becca Linden

Global Summer Institute

The Lifchitz Family Foundation

Becca Linden was a community organizer in Chicago. Before that, she studied Sociology and...   See full bio

Becky Adelberg

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Community! Connect

I am a community builder. From an early age I was exposed to various sides of Judaism— my...   See full bio

Bella Alexandrov

Heseg Fellowship

Social Building Initiative

Bella has a bachelor's degree in community social work and a master's degree in N.G.O...   See full bio

Ben Block

Washington DC ConnectGens


Ben is a Baltimore-raised, young professional who has lived between Washington, DC and the Peruvian...   See full bio

Ben Vainer

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Good Question Ink

As a native to the Boston area, Ben loves being back in the city after spending four years...   See full bio

Ben Wiener

Global Summer Institute


Ben Wiener specializes in private equity transactions and business development, with particular...   See full bio

Beth Shapiro

Global Summer Institute


Beth Shapiro is a proponent of conscious living - the ability to look at the life you have been...   See full bio

Beverlyn Baer

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Beverlyn Baer was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. She attended the University of Illinois in...   See full bio

Bradley Cohen

Global Summer Institute

All for the Kids

Bradley is the founder of All For The Kids, which focuses on leveraging trekking and outdoors...   See full bio

Brian Fox

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

On Both Feet

Leveraging 10 years of professional experience in the Jewish community combined with a 13-year...   See full bio

Chaim Davids


Moshav Messorah

Chaim is from Baltimore, Maryland where he was raised in a Jewish religious family in a lower-...   See full bio

Chaim Landau

Global Summer Institute

Perspectives Israel

Raised in the United States, Chaim Landau has since lived in Israel, London and Brussels. After...   See full bio

Chana Rothman

Tribe12 Philadelphia

EcoTroubadour Summer Tour

Tinges of reggae, worldbeat, folk, and hip-hop infuse Chana Rothman's Hebrew-English tunes with...   See full bio

Chari Pere

Global Summer Institute

Hey Yiddle Diddle

  Chari Pere is a native New Yorker and former MAD Magazine intern who graduated...   See full bio

Charles Dabah

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Hidden Artists Collective

I currently work as a career specialist at Inspiration Corporation where I assist clients in...   See full bio

Charlie Schwartz

Global Summer Institute


A native of Portland, Oregon, Charlie Schwartz is a third year rabbinic student at the Jewish...   See full bio

Chaya Lester


The Shalev Center

R'Hillel and Chaya Lester are co-founders of the Shalev Center. They live in Nachlaot with...   See full bio

Cherina Eisenberg

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

A Spoonful of Blessings

Cherina is a creative, Jewish trailblazer who is reinventing what it means to live a healthy,...   See full bio

Cheryl Pruce

Washington DC ConnectGens

The Minyan of Thinkers

Cheryl Pruce works as an education policy researcher at the American Institutes for Research in...   See full bio

Christina Barish

Kaet Moscow

Club for the Elderly

Christina has worked in marketing for the past eight years. She particularly enjoys building...   See full bio

Claire Denton-Spalding

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Graphically Jewish

Although I could describe myself through multiple lenses, my desire to travel, conversion to...   See full bio

Courtney Sharpe

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Grandma's Kitchen

Raised in League City, Texas, Courtney D. Sharpe went on to study at Northwestern University where...   See full bio

Cyndi Rand



Cyndi Rand is a proud, Brooklyn-born Jewish American. Her father is a first generation American and...   See full bio

Cynthia Ferman

Global Summer Institute

Less Talk, More Peace

Cynthia has ventured across five continents and lived in five different countries learning about...   See full bio

Cynthia Peterman

Washington DC ConnectGens

The Jewish Teacher Project

I am deeply entrenched in the Jewish community on a local, national and international level. I have...   See full bio

Dan Brosgol

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Making Jewish Men

Dan Brosgol is the Executive Director of Kesher Newton and an Instructor at Prozdor of Hebrew...   See full bio

Daniel Buonaiuto

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Indoor Aquaponic Farming

My name is Dan Buonaiuto and I've recently landed in the Chicago by way of Boston and Colorado...   See full bio

Daniel Cohen

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Chess Buddies

Daniel Cohen is a recent graduate of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where he...   See full bio

Daniel Fidler

Yazamim Jerusalem

Open Doors

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Daniel made Aliyah with his family as a teenager. After...   See full bio

Daniel Fuks

Heseg Fellowship


After making Aliyah in 2006, serving in the IDF, studying at Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu’s “Bet...   See full bio

Daniel Honigsblum

Heseg Fellowship

EAT Wizard

Since his childhood Daniel has shown he is a natural leader, and with his wonderful sense of humor...   See full bio

Daniel Jacobs

Global Summer Institute

Shakshuka Games

Daniel comes from Cleveland, Ohio. He has a master’s from Stanford in Electrical Engineering...   See full bio

Daniel Kron


Camp Mifgash

Daniel Kron was born in Israel and moved to Canada as a young child. He is both bilingual in...   See full bio

Daniel Linder

Heseg Fellowship


Daniel is a very bright, responsible, hardworking individual capable of undertaking and conquering...   See full bio

Daniel Rosen

Global Summer Institute


Daniel Rosen is a young entrepreneur focusing his energies on working with communities to achieve...   See full bio

Daniel Rotman

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Compostable Coffee Cup

I was born in Canada to Israeli parents that emigrated from Israel due to war. I have always seen...   See full bio

Daniel Schaefer

Global Summer Institute

Invested Citizens

Daniel was inspired to start Invested Citizens after reading Muhammad Yunus' vision for a...   See full bio

Danielle Herzberg

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Elder News Feed

Danielle Herzberg is a proud employee at Hubspot, a Cambridge start-up that has inspired her to...   See full bio

Danielle Selber

Tribe12 Philadelphia

The Shabbat Project

Danielle Selber is in her final semester of the Masters in Jewish Studies program at Gratz College...   See full bio

Danna Kazir

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Danna was born and raised in Tel Aviv. She studied at the School for Nature, holds a BA in...   See full bio

Danny Harris

Washington DC ConnectGens

Danny Harris, a "modern-day Studs Terkel" according to the Washington Post, is the editor...   See full bio

Danny Matz


The Sababa Project

I am a young Jewish professional and have been living in NYC since 2006. I was born in raised in...   See full bio

Dara Frank

Global Summer Institute


Dara grew up in New York City, where she played soccer and was active in her synagogue's youth...   See full bio

Darya Shkabura

Heseg Fellowship


Darya is an architecture graduate with team spirit and a positive, can-do attitude. She is highly...   See full bio

Dasha Rubatskaya

Kaet St. Petersburg

Jewish Headhunter

Dasha works as a regional HR manager at the St. Petersburg office of the JDC.   See full bio

David Bernstein

Yazamim Jerusalem

Alumni Outreach

Dr. David I. Bernstein is the Dean of the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies. Previously he was the...   See full bio

David Bratslavsky


The BestKindofLife.com

David Bratslavsky graduated from The George Washington University, where he was president of Phi...   See full bio

David Cohen

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Project YALA

David Cohen has been working as an educator and Israel programs director for over fifteen...   See full bio

David Dobin

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

WeDoTouch Jewish Education

David Dobin is an attorney by trade. David  taught himself how to write code, formed a...   See full bio

David Fine

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Schmear It

After having worked in baseball for the red Sox, Dodgers, and Cubs, David currently works in the...   See full bio

David Fisher

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Interfaith Appalachia

David Fisher is a 2012 graduate of Oberlin College with a degree in Jewish studies and...   See full bio

David Franklin


Jews, Rock and Roll: Jewish America told through Music

Downtown Arts Development, in collaboration with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, is...   See full bio

David Ginati

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Reclaimed Water

I am German/Israeli, having grown up in Germany. I have a background in Business-Psychology,...   See full bio

David Gloss

Global Summer Institute

Here’s My Chance

David is a social entrepreneur. Currently, he works for a VC funded social gaming company...   See full bio

David Kramer

Global Summer Institute

NU Campaign

David Kramer has Israel in his heart. A self- declared Israel activist, this passion has dictated...   See full bio

David Lasday

Global Summer Institute

Bring It In Israel

  David Lasday, a graduate of the University of Maryland, worked as a Program Director...   See full bio

David List

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


David List currently serves as the Director of Student Life for Prozdor of Hebrew College. David...   See full bio

David Micley

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Cousins of Faith Series

David Micley is just starting his first year as the Director of Recruitment and Admissions at...   See full bio

David Moss

Washington DC ConnectGens

The A Shalom Alaykum Fellowship

Dave Moss is a global nonprofit leader currently serving as the Partnerships Manager at Atlas Corps...   See full bio

David Winitsky


The Jewish Plays Project

David Winitsky is a theater director who has worked on Broadway, off-Broadway, and around the...   See full bio

David Yehuda Stern

Global Summer Institute

Cartoon Kippah

David Yehuda is a social media innovator, writer and podcaster from London. An alumnus of numerous...   See full bio

Deena Roemer

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Closet Redemption

Deena Roemer has a keen sense of personal style and an artistic eye for what “works.”...   See full bio

Didi Silberman

Yazamim Jerusalem

Eco Tech

Didi is a social activist who led a political fight against a major industrial zone in Be'er...   See full bio

Dmitriy Moverguz

Tribe12 Philadelphia

DAVAI Association

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Dmitriy Moverguz immigrated to Buffalo, New York with his family...   See full bio

Dov Singal


Dov Jeffrey Singal is 28 and Lives in Jerusalem, Israel.  Born and raised in the United States...   See full bio

Efrat Haddad

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Smoke Free TLV

Efrat was born in Israel but grew up in several different countries and attended international...   See full bio

Ehud Kreimer

Heseg Fellowship

Social Building Initiative

Ehud is a social entrepreneur that thinks outside of the conventional box. Married and a father of...   See full bio

Eileen Levinson

Global Summer Institute


Eileen Levinson is a designer and artist living in Los Angeles, California. She has an...   See full bio

Einat Ovadia

Yazamim Jerusalem

ing Jerusalem

Einat works in support of the Likud and serves the senior management team of the coalition. A...   See full bio

Eitan Ingall

Global Summer Institute

TAMID Israel Investment Group

Eitan Ingall is a sophomore at the University of Michigan in the College of Literature Science and...   See full bio

Elad Azoulay

Yazamim Jerusalem

Vision Fulfills a Dream

Elad is currently a student of Communications and Accounting in Jerusalem’s Hebrew University...   See full bio

Elad Kimelman

Global Summer Institute


Elad Kimelman is a 29-year-old Israeli native ("Sabra"). He lives in Jerusalem, where he...   See full bio

Elana Averbach



Dating Coach and Founder of KickStartLove, Elana is passionate about helping singles form exciting...   See full bio

Elena Galanina

Kaet Moscow

Jewish Family Clubs in Residential Districts

Elena is a teacher with a specialty in early childhood education. She is currently studying...   See full bio

Elena Krulevich

Kaet Moscow

Jewish Community Club

Elena is the Director of Moscow Hillel. During university, she studied public relations and became...   See full bio

Elena Zaveleva


Diaspora Hangouts

I am an experienced arts and fashion professional specializing in project management, event...   See full bio

Eli Winkelman

Global Summer Institute

Challah for Hunger

At Scripps College in Claremont, California, Eli Winkelman served as president of the Hillel...   See full bio

Eliezer Israel

Global Summer Institute

Yeshivat Bat Ayin

Eliezer Israel is a high-tech maven turned non-profit manager, with a focus on new directions in...   See full bio

Elisa Heisman

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Shul Solutions

Elisa Heisman has worked as the Program Director at Congregation Beth Or in Maple Glen, PA since...   See full bio

Elisha Gechter

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Jewish Teacher Corps

Five years ago, Elisha Gechter moved from Riverdale, NY to attend the Hornstein Heller program at...   See full bio

Elizabeth Vrublevskaya

Kaet Moscow

Darkei Shalom

Over the past 3 years, Elizabeth has taken an active part in Jewish life in Moscow, beginning with...   See full bio

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker

Washington DC ConnectGens

MoEd: A Jewish Afterschool Community

Elizabeth Weber Handwerker holds a PhD in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley and...   See full bio

Elizabeth Weingarten

Washington DC ConnectGens


While other 10-year-olds earned extra cash with lemonade stands, Elizabeth Weingarten sold handmade...   See full bio

Elke Sudin


Jewish Art Now

Elke Reva Sudin is a visual artist who draws inspiration from urban culture and her Jewish heritage...   See full bio

Ellen Rosen Singer

Global Summer Institute


Over the past decade, Ellen managed a consulting firm finding solutions for clients in a range of...   See full bio

Elya Cybulski

Kaet Moscow

The Alarm Button

Elyse Rast

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Elyse Rast has Master's Degrees from BU and Wheelock College, and has 15 years of teaching...   See full bio

Elyssa Rabinowitz

Global Summer Institute

Kol HaOt

Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz constructs worlds of Jewish meaning and beauty. She draws on all media to...   See full bio

Emily Donati

Tribe12 Philadelphia


Emily didn’t identifiy as an athlete until she looked back on her physical endeavors and...   See full bio

Emily Engelson

Global Summer Institute


Emily is a dreamer who stays grounded by doing. Self-motivated and highly persistent, she believes...   See full bio

Emma Boyar

Global Summer Institute

The Project

Emma has a love for philanthropy and is committed to a career in the not for profit industry. She...   See full bio

Emma Datny

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Meal Delivery Service

My name is Emma Datny and I am an olah from the US with a British-Israeli twist. My parents are...   See full bio

Emunah Weisberg


Nachlaot Community Farmer's Market

Emunah and Alex are a married couple that has been living in Nachlaot for two years. They have been...   See full bio

Eran Sharon

Washington DC ConnectGens

Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse - Legal Aid Program

As the son of Israeli immigrants, being Jewish is a part of me. It is a set of lenses without which...   See full bio

Erez Arbel

Heseg Fellowship

PIT - Personal Interactive Test

Erez was born in kibbutz Mizra, and he's an Industrial Engineering and Management's third...   See full bio

Eric Kleinzweig

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Can I Park Here!?

My name is Eric Kleinzweig; I am an Oleh from the US. I made Aliyah earlier this year, and I just...   See full bio

Erica Fajge

Tribe12 Philadelphia


I am pleased to be a participant in the Philly Tribe 12 Social Entrepreneur Fellowship for 2012. I...   See full bio

Erin Kopelow

Global Summer Institute


Graduating from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, with a degree in political science, Erin...   See full bio

Eugene Levitin

Kaet St. Petersburg

Kosher Bar and Bakery

Eugene is finishing his studies at the Saint-Petersburg State University of Culture & Arts, in...   See full bio

Evan Kleinman


Punk Jews

Evan Kleinman is a two-time Emmy nominated producer. He has produced for the NBC lifestyle series...   See full bio

Evan Levitt

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Common Ground

Evan Levitt graduated from Quinnipiac University in 1998 and launched his career path in Israel as...   See full bio

Evan Malach

Global Summer Institute

Second Chance Travel

Entrepreneurship is in Evan’s blood. He is a fiercely independent self-starter with a love...   See full bio

Evelyn Goldfinger

Global Summer Institute

El Toratrón

Evelyn Goldfinger lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has a degree in Social Sciences and is a...   See full bio

Ezequiel Hajnal


Ezequiel Hajnal is from Lamroth Hakol JCC in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is 27 years old, and has...   See full bio

Fallon Wexler

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Tough Mudder Israel

I am an American born Olah Chadasha from Brooklyn, NY. I made Aliyah 10 months ago after toying...   See full bio

Fivel Yedidya Glasser


P'tach Libi

P'tach Libi's founder and director, Rabbi Fivel Yedidya Glasser has studied in the top ivy-...   See full bio

Fonda Weiss

Global Summer Institute

A Place for Expression and Action for Kids (PEAK)

Fonda is a native Texan who later made Aliyah to Israel. Before making Aliyah, she worked for IBM...   See full bio

Fraidy Reiss



Fraidy was 19 when her family arranged for her to marry a man she barely knew. She was 20 when she...   See full bio

Fred Chaouat

Global Summer Institute


Born and raised in Paris, Fred studied at Paris Dauphine’s School of Business and Tel Aviv...   See full bio

Gabriel Botnick



Originally from Cleveland Ohio, Gabriel has been in Los Angeles for nearly a decade and is...   See full bio

Gal Friedman

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Gal has lived in Tel Aviv and San Francisco, and and is a social technology entrepreneur. He has a...   See full bio

Gal Mor

Yazamim Jerusalem

Indie Travelers

Gal is a Jerusalem native who has spent extensive time in England, Canada and Germany. He served in...   See full bio

Georgi Vogel Rosen

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Jewish-Muslim Interfaith Network

Georgi Vogel Rosen has been volunteering on issues related to civil rights advocacy, improving...   See full bio

Gideon Raz

Heseg Fellowship


  Originally from New York, Gideon is a highly dedicated independent thinker with excellent...   See full bio

Gil Cohen

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Shem Zmani – Pop Up Art Exhibitions

Gil Cohen was born in 1982 in Rehovot, Israel. She holds a B.Ed in Literature and Art from David...   See full bio

Hadar Mamrud

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Hadar lives in Tel Aviv and is an industrial designer by profession. She is a member of a...   See full bio

Hadas BenYacov



Hadas BenYacov grew up in a somewhat insular Orthodox home and began to interact with the...   See full bio

Haneen Mgadlh

Yazamim Jerusalem

Ata Center

Haneen is a social activist and a doctoral student in social work at The Hebrew University. She...   See full bio

Hart Levine


Heart to Heart

Hart Z. Levine hails from Greenwich Village, NY, one of 5 kids (in five years). After attending...   See full bio

Hava Zaltzman

Yazamim Jerusalem

Growing Together

Hava has a degree in economics from New York University and a degree in literature from Hebrew...   See full bio

Hillel Lester


The Shalev Center

R'Hillel and Chaya Lester are co-founders of the Shalev Center. They live in Nachlaot with...   See full bio

Ilana Gromis

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Six Point

Ilana was born and raised in Los Angeles, and moved to Philadelphia six years ago to attend the...   See full bio

Ilana Weltman

Washington DC ConnectGens

Service for Survivors

Ilana Weltman, a recent graduate of NYU's Dual MA program in Education and Jewish Studies, grew...   See full bio

Ilya Libin

Heseg Fellowship

Speak From Scratch

lya first came to Israel when he was 16 years old. In school, he learned how to program web sites...   See full bio

Inbal Naveh Safir

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Beautifying Tel Aviv

I was raised by Israeli parents, spending summers in Haifa and constantly trying to balance my...   See full bio

Inessa Sinkevich

Kaet Moscow

Ira Barskaya

Kaet St. Petersburg

Jewish Family Centre

Ira is an economist and a young mother. She is interested in child and adult psychology, and...   See full bio

Irene Meisel


Project Sacred Space

Irene Meisel is the educational technology integrator at the Abraham Joshua Heschel School. She has...   See full bio

Ismat Abu Gosh

Yazamim Jerusalem

Renaissance School

Ismat was born in Jaffa and completed her BA in education and Hebrew literature and a master's...   See full bio

Itay Tayas Zamir

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Woosh Water Systems

Itay is an environmental and social entrepreneur and graduate of the Heschel Center...   See full bio

Jack Reichert

Global Summer Institute


As far back as he can remember Jack Reichert has been interested in the environment. In the second...   See full bio

Jacob Fine

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Jacob Fine currently serves as the Director of Jconnect Seattle, a nationally recognized...   See full bio

Jaime Bassman

Tribe12 Philadelphia


As an occupational therapist, Jaime enjoys coming up with low-cost adaptations to improve function...   See full bio

Jamie Ginsberg


Cleveland Connection using Social Media

Jamie Ginsberg is a video producer and partner at Cleveland Groove. He is a technology and...   See full bio

Jamie Zebrak

Global Summer Institute

Shomer Achi

Jamie Zebrak was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia. She moved out to the Pacific Northwest to...   See full bio

Jane Dechtiar

Heseg Fellowship

Merhav Eretz

Jane is a graduate student in her last year for a B.Ed in informal education in the Department of...   See full bio

Jane Shersher

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Counselors Autonomous

Jane recently completed her Master's Degree in Social Work, and she has worked extensively in...   See full bio

Jared Jackson

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Jews in ALL Hues

Jared Jackson, Founder and Executive Director of Jews in ALL Hues, has been creating cutting edge...   See full bio

Jason Lustig

Global Summer Institute

Impact Aliyah

  Jason Lustig, 24, recently received his MA in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies at Brandeis...   See full bio

Jason Youdeem


30 YEARS AFTER Leadership Training Program

Jason Youdeem is the Orange County Assistant Area Director for the American Israel Public Affairs...   See full bio

Jayson Littman


Out! for Israel

Jayson Littman is the founder of He'bro (www.myhebro.com), a nightlife and entertainment group...   See full bio

Jeff Kasowitz

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Jeff Kasowitz is a Director and recent recipient of the Paul and Phyllis Fireman Public...   See full bio

Jenny Gomeringer

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Mosaic Art Institute of Natick

Jenny Gomeringer brings over 10 years of experience in corporate communications and marketing...   See full bio

Jenny Kaufman

Global Summer Institute

Cleveland Young Professionals' Minyan

After living out of town during college and graduate school, Jenny has returned to her...   See full bio

Jenny Spektor


Jenny (Batya) Spektor is from Odessa, Ukraine. She is 25 years old and has a Master's degree in...   See full bio

Jeremy Weisbach

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Jimmy Insulin NFP

I am a diverse individual. I am respectful, loyal, honest, funny, and empathetic. I have very long...   See full bio

Jesse Fox

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Open TLV

Jesse Fox was raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and moved to Israel in his late teens. After...   See full bio

Jessica Fisher

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Dinners at the Table

Born and raised in Cincinnati, Jessica is proud of her Midwestern roots and excited to be in...   See full bio

Jessie Mallor

Global Summer Institute

OpenDoor Learning

Jessie is a full-time high school teacher in the Jewish Studies department of Milken Community High...   See full bio

Jill Yanofsky

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

As a sales professional and volunteer fundraiser, Jill Yanofsky has developed cold-calling skills...   See full bio

Jill Zenoff

JCC PresenTense Chicago

The Gan Project

Jill is a Jewish environmental educator, farmer, and chef; a 2008 Adamah Summer Fellow at the...   See full bio

Jo Mandel-Cohen

Yazamim Jerusalem

Mandel Leadership Institute

Jo Mandel-Cohen works for the Mandel Jerusalem Fellows program at the Mandel Leadership Institute....   See full bio

Joanna Shebson

Yazamim Jerusalem


Joanna Shebson has always been interested in children's products and marketing. She has a BA...   See full bio

Jodi Meyerowitz

Global Summer Institute

Shomer Achi

Jodi Meyerowitz is a second-year student studying Economics and Human Physiology at the University...   See full bio

Johannah Sohn


Virtual Israel

Johannah Sohn is the Director of the Jewish Learning Community of Adat Ari El, as well as a wife...   See full bio

Jonathan Dickens

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Welcome to Your Home

Jonathan Dickens is currently a graduate student at Gratz College. In May 2011, he will graduate...   See full bio

Jonathan Shapira

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Jonathan Shapira is an attorney in the Business Law Department at Goodwin Procter LLP, where...   See full bio

Jonathon Feinberg

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Jewish Climate Action Network

Jonathon Feinberg was a 2003 Bronfman Youth Fellow, and graduated from Oberlin College in 2008...   See full bio

Jory Stillman


Shalom Kids Yoga

Jory Stillman, MA, CPC, is a graduate of the Pardes Educators Program and holds a Master’s...   See full bio

Josh Keyak

Global Summer Institute

Green Me Up

Josh was born and raised in San Francisco. He now attends Yeshiva University in New York, where he...   See full bio

Josh Nelson


The Warehouse

Josh Nelson is one of the most popular performers and producers in modern Jewish music. A multi-...   See full bio

Josh Poritz

Global Summer Institute

club360 club360 is an integrated solution for student groups seeking to manage their clubs...   See full bio

Joy Stember

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Joy Stember Metal Arts Studio

In the winter of 2010, I went on a Taglit Birthright trip to Israel. While there, I was captivated...   See full bio

JT Waldman

Global Summer Institute

Tagged Tanakh

JT Waldman is the writer and illustrator of the groundbreaking graphic novel Megillat Esther. As a...   See full bio

Julia Burdo

Kaet Moscow

Eco-Friendly Event Planning

Julia graduated from the Agricultural Academy of Timiryazev and is an agronomist-ecologist. After...   See full bio

Julie Cooper

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Zionism Unplugged

Julie Cooper serves as Director of Public Relations for the Israel Government Tourist Office,...   See full bio

Julie Hochstadter

JCC PresenTense Chicago

The Chainlink

I'm a community organizer at heart. I value the strength of community and what people...   See full bio

Julie Lundy

Washington DC ConnectGens


I'm a 24 year old Florida transplant to DC. My whole life I have been curious, an explorer,...   See full bio

Julie Sugar


The Mincha Minyan

Daughter of Hungarian immigrants—a first generation American—and grand-daughter of...   See full bio

Justin Sakofs

Global Summer Institute


Justin is a proud father and husband, currently living and working as a Jewish Studies Faculty...   See full bio

Karen Berk

JCC PresenTense Chicago

I have been blessed with talents in music, writing, acting and singing that I have used all my life...   See full bio

Karen Saar

Yazamim Jerusalem


Karen Saar has a BA in Sociology, Anthropology and East Asian Studies and an MA in Organizational...   See full bio

Karra Greenberg

Global Summer Institute

Kehillah Solutions

Karra Greenberg is a graduate student in sociology whose research into capitalism and cultural...   See full bio

Kate Rosenberg

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Tov Lada’at

Kate Rosenberg, 26, grew up in Melbourne, Australia. After a few year-long stints in Israel and...   See full bio

Katya Kupchik

Yazamim Jerusalem


Katya has been an Israeli for 13 years and is proud to have been a Jerusalemite for 9 years. She...   See full bio

Keren Apfelbaum

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Alumni Community of Ein Prat

Keren was born and raised in Jerusalem. She graduated from the Boyer School, and studied for a year...   See full bio

Kira Belelubskaya

Kaet Moscow

Ksenia Nalogina

Kaet Moscow

Kyle Spinrad

Tribe12 Philadelphia


Kyle Spinrad attended American University in Washington, D.C. for his undergraduate degree in...   See full bio

Laura Bialis

Global Summer Institute

Foundation for Documentary Projects

Laura is a documentary filmmaker. Her films have dealt with human rights, social issues, and...   See full bio

Laura Gaspar

Global Summer Institute


Laura is a 24 year old student of Computer Engineering (MSc) from Hungary. Since she was 7, she has...   See full bio

Laura Himmelstein

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


My name is Laura Himmelstein! I work with Tamar Shchory at Mazeh 9 on the Leadel Project, part of...   See full bio

Laura Mandel

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

New Center NOW!

Laura Mandel, Director of New Center NOW, spends her days imagining unique Jewish arts and culture...   See full bio

Laurel Klein

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Cafe Olam

An Austin, Texas transplant, Laurel Klein comes to Philly with her partner (Rodeph Shalom Rabbi)...   See full bio

Leehe Shulov

Yazamim Jerusalem


Leehe Shulov is an accomplished artist who graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design....   See full bio

Leora Ezrachi-Vered



Leora was born in Jerusalem to an American mother and an Israeli father. She grew up in the Israeli...   See full bio

Leora Mallach

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Ganei Beantown: Beantown Jewish Gardens

Leora Mallach co-launched Ganei Beantown two years ago. She is the former director of the Adva...   See full bio

Lev Eliezer Israel

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

The Workshop

I'm an oleh of 13 years - came to Israel in 1999. I've spent most of that time in Jerusalem...   See full bio

Liat Frenkel

Yazamim Jerusalem


Liat Frenkel, mother to Yoav and Aya, married to Shahar, has a B.A. in Psychology, and a Masters...   See full bio

Lihy Epstein

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Unapologetically Me

As a Jewish, Israeli, young, female, lesbian, Republican, I've dealt with a fair share of...   See full bio

Lila Kagedan

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Lila is a consultant, practitioner and educator in ethics, Jewish studies, religion and education...   See full bio

Lily Gulyaeva

Kaet St. Petersburg

Jewish Musical Theater Studio

Lily has been a teacher ever since she was 14, when she gave her first piano lesson. Over time,...   See full bio

Lionel Benizri

Heseg Fellowship


  Lionel was born and raised in Belgium where he was a chair of all the Jewish youth...   See full bio

Lior Shabo

Yazamim Jerusalem

Sipurenu (Our Story)

Lior is a native Jerusalemite who has worked for years in the arts and culture sector.  He was...   See full bio

Liron Bobasch

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Student Wall

Lisa Gerton

Washington DC ConnectGens

Living Independently with Autism (LIA)

Lisa grew up in the Washington D.C. area, and some of the primary and most influential...   See full bio

Lora Rosenblum

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Six Point

Growing up in Sharon, Massachusetts (a town rumored to have a higher density of Jews than Israel),...   See full bio

Ludmila Zakharova

Kaet Moscow

Warm Home Care for the Elderly

Ludmila is director of the Jewish cultural center of Russia's Ryazan region, "Hesed-...   See full bio

Maayan Levi

Yazamim Jerusalem

Sipurenu (Our Story)

Maayan Levi, has a Bachelor degree in International Affairs and Middle East Studies from the Hebrew...   See full bio

Madeline Bleiweiss

Global Summer Institute


  p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 11.0px Helvetica} Born and raised in...   See full bio

Magali Bursztyn

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


I am an olah chadash from Buenos Aires Argentina. I was born in Buenos Aires, lived in London for...   See full bio

Makella Craelius

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Spectrum Philly

Architectural designer by day, community organizer by night, makella is a passionate, resourceful...   See full bio

Mamaro Mandafro

Yazamim Jerusalem

Fruits of Tomorrow

Mamaro made Aliyah from Ethiopia six years ago. He is currently in Yeshiva and a communications and...   See full bio

Manny Waks

Global Summer Institute

The Capital Jewish Forum

Over the last five years Manny has held numerous leadership positions within the ...   See full bio

Manuela Zoninsein

Global Summer Institute


Manuela Zoninsein is a Brazilian-American writer currently based in Beijing, China. A former...   See full bio

Maria Sergeeva

Global Summer Institute


Participating in Jewish camps, Taglit program, becoming a madrih, and volunteering for the...   See full bio

Marina Smirnyagina

Kaet St. Petersburg

Jewish Squat

Marina works at the St. Petersburg Hillel as coordinator of programs to engage youth. She organizes...   See full bio

Marla Gamoran

Global Summer Institute

Skilled Volunteers For Israel

Hailing from Madison, Wisconson, Marla spent most of her professional life in nonprofit ...   See full bio

Masha Simanovich

Kaet St. Petersburg

Jewish Camping Festival

Masha is a 5th year student at the St. Petersburg State University of Journalism and Mass...   See full bio

Matan Pinkas

Yazamim Jerusalem

Kama Sukar

Matan Pinkas is currently finishing a degree in film at the Maale Film School. Prior to his studies...   See full bio

Mati Horovitz

Yazamim Jerusalem

Aguda Achat

Mati Horovitz is a young Orthodox Jew who integrates social action with his profession as a...   See full bio

Matt Bar

Global Summer Institute

The Bible Raps Project

Matt’s music has been featured on MTV's "The Real World" and NBC's “...   See full bio

Matt Ronen


Impact Year

Matt, an IDF veteran, is both businessman & social entrepreneur; by day he helps manage brands...   See full bio

Matthew Berkowitz

Global Summer Institute

Kol HaOt

Matthew L. Berkowitz is the Senior Rabbinic Fellow in the Jewish Theological Seminary of America...   See full bio

Matthew Mausner


The New Jerusalem Talmud

Matthew is a historian and social entrepreneur based in Jerusalem. He is the founder of the New...   See full bio

Matti Kovler

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Jewish Music Theater Initiative

Matti Kovler is an Israeli composer whose music has been praised for its "emotive potency...   See full bio

Max Amer

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

M.A.D Clothing

A Boston Native, Max Amer went to school for audio and video production and has been working in the...   See full bio

Max Levitt

Washington DC ConnectGens

Leveling the Playing Field, Inc.

My name is Max Levitt. I am a 23 year old Business Development Associate at Vorsight in...   See full bio

Maxim Delchev


The word that can fully describe Maxim Delchev is 'almost'. He has almost graduated, is...   See full bio

Maxime Dahan

Heseg Fellowship


Maxime is a third year student in Communications at the Merkaz habenthoumi. He enrolled in the army...   See full bio

Maya Frankforter

Yazamim Jerusalem


Maya has a degree in social work and gender studies. From the age of 15 she has participated in...   See full bio

Meggan Levene

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Meggan Levene is the Senior Manager of Business Development for City Year, where she builds...   See full bio

Meir Rosilio

Heseg Fellowship

Henry at your Service

Meir Rosilio is a student of law and business administration at the IDC in Herzliya. In the last...   See full bio

Meital Sharon

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

12 Minutes

Meital Sharon is a writer, translator, woman of the Internet, a thinker and a key partner in the...   See full bio

Melisa Goldfinger

Global Summer Institute

Heme Aquí

Melisa was born in Argentina and moved to Israel four months ago. She is a lawyer and believes that...   See full bio

Menachem Cohen

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Synagogue without Walls

Menachem Cohen is the founding Rabbi of the Mitziut Jewish Community in Chicago and of Congregation...   See full bio

Micha Kurz

Global Summer Institute

Grassroots Jerusalem

  Micha Kurz was active in the National Youth Movement for over ten years, where he trained...   See full bio

Michael Alan Sara

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Tree of Life Yoga

I've had many great experiences that shaped how I see myself over the years. Six years in the...   See full bio

Michael Goldstein

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Hebrew Play

Michael Goldstein has over 11 years of experience as an executive director of non-profit...   See full bio

Michael Kagan

Kaet Moscow

Counseling Offices for the Elderly

Michael was born and raised in Moscow. He graduated from the Institute of Aviation and worked in...   See full bio

Michael Landes

Global Summer Institute

Camp Amir

Michael is a graduating senior at the List College Joint Program between Columbia University and...   See full bio

Michael Podberezin

Global Summer Institute


Michael is an International Relations junior student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. After...   See full bio

Michael Reichman

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Sounding Board

As an artist, Michael Reichman continues to establish himself as a producer, director, performer,...   See full bio

Michal Brous



Michal Brous is a native of Jerusalem, Israel, and currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband...   See full bio

Michal Rusin


Michal Rusin, Adv. is the, Deputy Human Resources Director of Raanana Municipality. She sits on the...   See full bio

Michal Shifron Zecharya

Yazamim Jerusalem

Havat Ye'arim

Michal has a BA in Psychology and is studying for an MA in occupational psychology. In recent years...   See full bio

Michal Waldfogel

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Deep Breath Baking

A Philly native and avid traveler, Michal Waldfogel loves exploring other cultures and sharing her...   See full bio

Michelle Cohen


Shabbat of a Lifetime

Michelle and Natanel Cohen have been Jewish educators for nearly ten years. Michelle has taught in...   See full bio

Micki Lavin-Pell

Global Summer Institute


Micki Lavin-Pell, a Marriage and Family therapist, has been enthusiastically helping singles to...   See full bio

Micol Pietra

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Streets Speak

Micol Pietra was born in Italy and immigrated to Israel in 1996. Micol studied anthropology and...   See full bio

Mila Finkelshtein

Global Summer Institute

Talmud Aviv

Mila has a BA in communications from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. During her years in...   See full bio

Miriam Bader


Museum at Eldridge Street

As Director of Education at the Museum at Eldridge Street, Miriam Bader designs and oversees...   See full bio

Mitch Malasky

Washington DC ConnectGens

Bridging Gaps Between Jews and African-Americans

I am a 27 year old native Washingtonian (grew up in Van Ness). I would describe myself as creative...   See full bio

Mollie Gerver

Global Summer Institute

Advocates for Asylum

Mollie Gerver is a campaigner for a more just policy towards asylum seekers, mostly from Africa,...   See full bio

Molly Wernick

Tribe12 Philadelphia

The Changency

Molly is an energetic Jewish Community Professional with a constant drive to make things better...   See full bio

Monique Smith


Impact Israel

I am a non-profit professional with four years of experience designing and executing global...   See full bio

Moran Broza

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Bringing Eden Back to Israel

Moran Broza was born in Israel and raised in the U.S. At 19, following a year at Rutgers University...   See full bio

Morris Singer

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Boston Haifa Legal Partners

Morris A. Singer is an attorney who focuses on intellectual property and juvenile law. Additionally...   See full bio

Moti Ben Haim

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Haver Shel Niyar

Moti Ben-Haim lives in Tel Aviv and is connected to everything related to media and communication....   See full bio

Nachum Pechenick

Yazamim Jerusalem

Ohel Avraham

Nachum is the founder and director of the organization "Eretz Shalom" to foster peace and...   See full bio

Naftali Ejdelman


The Yiddish Farm Education Center

Naftali Ejdelman has devoted his life to the preservation and development of Yiddish, his...   See full bio

Naomi Bright

Tribe12 Philadelphia


I hail from a rural area of West Virginia where the only Jewish family was mine. My parents drove...   See full bio

Naomi Grumet

Global Summer Institute

The Eden Center

Naomi earned a PhD in sociology from Bar Ilan University. Her doctoral research focused on the...   See full bio

Natalie Kaplan

Washington DC ConnectGens

(Heneni) Wander Jew

I, Natalie Rose Kaplan, am a budding social innovator, public servant, Israel enthusiast, novice...   See full bio

Natanel Cohen


Shabbat of a Lifetime

Michelle and Natanel Cohen have been Jewish educators for nearly ten years. After completing his...   See full bio

Netanel Orbach

Yazamim Jerusalem

Radio Downtown Jerusalem

Netanel was born in Ashkelon and grew up with a religious education. From an...   See full bio

Nic Abery

Global Summer Institute


Nic Abery is the creative director of LooktoLearn. Nic creates unique multi-dimensional...   See full bio

Nina Barhum

Yazamim Jerusalem


Nina has a BA in informal education and is a social activist. She had been involved in many youth...   See full bio

Nir Chitlaru

Heseg Fellowship

EAT Wizard

Nir is a 28 year old final year student in the Technion, studying industrial engineering with a...   See full bio

Nirit Tayas Zamir

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Parents Buy Together

Nirit, a mother of two, lives in Tel Aviv and is a developer and project manager. ...   See full bio

Nitzan Wolanski

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Shem Zmani – Pop Up Art Exhibitions

Nitzan Wolanski was born in Israel in 1979. She holds a BA in Literature and The Multidisciplinary...   See full bio

Niva Lechtman

Yazamim Jerusalem


Niva is a medical student and a content editor, and also has a BSc in Biology and a BA at the...   See full bio

Noah Greenfield

Global Summer Institute

YU Social Justice Society

Noah Greenfield is a student at Yeshiva University studying Philosophy, English Literature and...   See full bio

Noah Smith

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Connections Through Graphic Novels

I moved to Israel last month on an A-1 visa. I worked for 4 years in the entertainment industry in...   See full bio

Noah Sudow

Global Summer Institute

ICO Group

Noah Sudow currently serves as the Associate Director of Economic Advancement for Chancellor Eric...   See full bio

Noam Malchior

Yazamim Jerusalem

Fair Pension

Noam was born in Norway, grew up in Jerusalem, and now lives in Nofei Prat with his wife Shira and...   See full bio

Noy Mordikovich

Yazamim Jerusalem

Oil 4 Peace

Noy is studying for a master's degree in conflict resolution in Jerusalem. He...   See full bio

Oksana Muzyka

Kaet Moscow

Kosher Design

Oksana was born in St. Petersburg and recently moved to Moscow. She has two graduate degrees in...   See full bio

Olga (Rachel) Fomenko

Kaet Moscow

Olga Belozerskaya

Kaet Moscow

Olga Bochkova

Kaet Moscow

Teach for Russia

Olga works at the Centre for Educational Development Skolkovo, as a specialist on research projects...   See full bio

Olga Dukor

Kaet Moscow

Olga Elshanskaya

Yazamim Jerusalem

Open Day Project

Olga Elshanskaya was born and raised in Russia, where she successfully completed a BA in...   See full bio

Olga Lovinskaya

Kaet Moscow

Omri Rozenberg

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Books to Go

Omri is 32 years old and from Tel Aviv. He has a law degree from Hebrew University of Jerusalem and...   See full bio

Omri Ziv

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

TLV Urban Farming

I am a professional IT Solution Architect with over 7 years of experience in implementing,...   See full bio

Or Alterman Barnea

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Or has worked in communications for 15 years. She started her career as a TV researcher, then...   See full bio

Ori Akrish



Ori Akrish holds a Master's degree (M. Ed.) in Organizational Leadership from Cleveland State,...   See full bio

Ori Salzberg

Global Summer Institute

The Bible Raps Project

Ori Salzberg is a 23 year old music producer and student of philosophy and musicology at the Hebrew...   See full bio

Orli Cohen

Yazamim Jerusalem

Orly has been a social worker for 25 years. She received her BA from the Hebrew University in...   See full bio

Owen Gottlieb



Rabbi Owen Gottlieb  (HUC-JIR 2010) is the founder and director of ConverJent, Jewish...   See full bio

Pam Pistiner

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Kesher Newton

Pam Pistiner is Executive Director at Kesher Newton. She spent close to a year in Israel on Project...   See full bio

Pazit Levitan


Pazit Levitan is a New York-based media producer, mother and educator, dedicated to identity-based...   See full bio

Poochy Shturchan

Yazamim Jerusalem

Equal Salary for Women

Poochy grew up in Be’er Sheva—a city characterized by a diverse population, composed of...   See full bio

Rachel Brody

Global Summer Institute

Inclusive Coffee

Rachel's professional life has been dedicated to her passion for expanding educational equality...   See full bio

Rachel Dreytser

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Social Media for Jewish Engagement

I am from a suburb of LosAngeles in a MiddleEastern culture where as Iranians and Jews, we always...   See full bio

Rachel Silverman

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Homegrown Judaica

Rabbi Rachel Silverman, Associate Director of Prozdor, was ordained from JTS in May '10. She...   See full bio

Rachel Smith


And You Shall Tell

I was raised in a tight-knit Jewish community outside Philadelphia, and spent my childhood in...   See full bio

Rachel Sumekh

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Swipes for the Homeless

Trekking the trails at Machu Picchu, snorkeling in Hanuma Bay, walking along the shores of St....   See full bio

Rachelle Minteer


Jewish Recovery Services

Rachelle Minteer’s Jewish background and education has impacted every aspect of her life --...   See full bio

Rafi Gabbay

Global Summer Institute


Rafi was born and lives in Jerusalem. He studied Industrial Design at Hadassah College while...   See full bio

Rafi Glazer

Washington DC ConnectGens

Shanah Gap Year

I am a contradiction. I am someone who is happy with the way his life is going, but is unhappy at...   See full bio

Ram Ozeri

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Biennale for Contemporary Jewish Art

Ram has a BA with special distinction in P.P.E (Philosophy, Political Science and Economics) and an...   See full bio

Randy Schulz

Tribe12 Philadelphia

The American Israel Business Lab

Randy Schulz started his first business at age 16, power washing decks, homes, and buildings. After...   See full bio

Raphael Menko

Tribe12 Philadelphia


Raphael grew up in Lower Merion and attended Perelman and Akiba (Barrack), where he learned to...   See full bio

Rebecca Aminoff


Kol Hadassa

Over the past few years, Rebecca has recognized a growing need in the community for a program that...   See full bio

Rebecca Meiser


Kindness Counts

Rebecca Meiser is the engagement manager for Hillel at Kent State and an award-winning freelance...   See full bio

Rebecca Polivy

Global Summer Institute

Follow-Up Network

Rebecca Polivy was born and raised in Connecticut has lived in many places in the United States and...   See full bio

Rebecca Resnick

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Running for Change

I am an olah with determination and drive to improve this country through social action. I have...   See full bio

Rebecca Russell-Einhorn

Global Summer Institute

The Activist Institute

Becca Russell-Einhorn is a native Washingtonian with a passion for activism. She attended...   See full bio

Rebecca Zeffert

Global Summer Institute

Israel-Asia Center

Rebecca Zeffert is the founder and executive director of the Israel-Asia Center -www....   See full bio

Renana Leviani

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

The Doctoral Students Organization

Renana Leviani is a PhD student in the Department of General Philosophy and is the recipient of a...   See full bio

Ricardo Szyfer

Global Summer Institute

Contá Conmigo

Ricardo Szyfer is native to Uruguay. He has always been interested in technology, specifically, on...   See full bio

Ricki Meyer

Washington DC ConnectGens

The Lone Soldier Project

Ricki is a 23-year-old Boston native and works at the U.S. Department of Education. She...   See full bio

Rina Hoffman

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Binah School

Rina Hoffman is a passionate believer that all Jewish children deserve access to meaningful,...   See full bio

Rinat Edelstein

Yazamim Jerusalem

Rinat Edelstein, born in Be'er Sheva in 1979, has lived in Jerusalem for 8 years. An artist and...   See full bio

Robin Sheldon


BITUI Jewish Art Lab

Robin is an artist and problem-solver, challenging herself with difficult materials to bring out a...   See full bio

Romi Shamai

Global Summer Institute


Romi Shamai was born in 1979 in Jerusalem, where he currently lives. Presently, Romi is completing...   See full bio

Rori Picker Neiss


Muslim-Jewish Art Fellowship

Rori Picker Neiss is a student at Yeshivat Maharat, a pioneering institution training Orthodox...   See full bio

Rosalie Boxt

Washington DC ConnectGens

Kesher Shir

Cantor Rosalie Boxt serves Temple Emanuel in Kensington, Maryland, a Reform congregation outside...   See full bio

Rosella de Jong

Global Summer Institute

Rosella de Jong likes a challenge and her goal is to drive people crazy with her eternal...   See full bio

Roxanne Horesh

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Intelligence Squared

I am originally from London, but have spent much of my life living internationally - in Israel, the...   See full bio

Russel Neiss

Global Summer Institute


Equally fluent in Yiddish and Javascript, Russel Neiss is a Jewish educator, technologist and coder...   See full bio

Ruthy Bracha

Yazamim Jerusalem

Beit Hachibukim

Ruthy was born in Argentina in 1964. In 1982 she immigrated to Israel ...   See full bio

Sami Stein

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Sami Stein is currently a first-year graduate student in the Hornstein Jewish Professional...   See full bio

Samuel Klein


Limmud NY Connections

Until last August, I was executive director of The Coexistence Trust, a think-tank and NGO based in...   See full bio

Sanjar Baikadam

Kaet St. Petersburg

Mobile Guide to Jewish St. Petersburg

Sanjar is a participant in Lehava, and is studying IT at the Faculty of Applied Mathematics. He is...   See full bio

Sara Brandes


Neshama Center and Mikvah

Ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Sara Brandes is a spiritual leader and social...   See full bio

Sara Glassman

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Vine Dining

I consider myself a Jewish vegan who gets excited by food and anything Israel-related. I graduated...   See full bio

Sara Landman

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Uniting Through Literacy

Sara Landman is in her sixth school year as a special education teacher in the School District of...   See full bio

Sarah Gogel

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Global Potential

Sarah Gogel, from Paris, France, co-founded Global Potential in 2007 in NY. She now runs GP in...   See full bio

Sarah Jacobs


Girls Are People Too

I am a product of my generation- I am open-minded, not afraid to speak out, and excited by movement...   See full bio

Sarah Sokolic


Arts by Day

Sarah Sokolic is an educator, performer, and administrator whose 17-year career spans the arts, the...   See full bio

Sarah Weil

Global Summer Institute

The Women's Gathering

Sarah Weil is a Jerusalem based social entrepreneur committed to combining Jewish values and...   See full bio

Scott Beslow

JCC PresenTense Chicago


I am originally from Glenview, IL, and have lived in Chicago for the last thirteen years. This past...   See full bio

Scott Frankel

JCC PresenTense Chicago


My name is Scott Frankel, and I’m a Jewish explorer, thinker, and storyteller. I believe that...   See full bio

Scott Renwick

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Landscape Architects Network

Hi, My name is Scott Renwick,I heard from you through a Facebook group page called Escape Tel Aviv...   See full bio

Scott Swichar

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Jewish Mentorship Network

Over the past ten years, I have served the community through several professional leadership roles...   See full bio

Sergey Novikov

Kaet Moscow

Shai Davis

Global Summer Institute


Oorim.com - Any Jew. Any Question. Any Time. Any Place. Oorim.com enables Jews to find timely...   See full bio

Shaina Goldberg


Open דור Door

My name is Shaina Goldberg and I am driven by my desire to make a positive impact on the Jewish...   See full bio

Sharon Haberman


JS Matchpoint

Sharon has dedicated herself to a myriad of Jewish causes for the last two decades. She is...   See full bio

Sharona Motkin


Generous Spoonfuls

Sharona Motkin just returned to Los Angeles from New York where she worked for Goldman Sachs as a...   See full bio

Shaw Levin

Tribe12 Philadelphia

AEPi Philadelphia Alumni Club

I'm a software developer currently in Philly who grew up splitting time between Atlantic City...   See full bio

Shelby Zitelman

Global Summer Institute

PT Investments

Originally from the DC metro area, Shelby joined PresenTense after spending a year in Israel...   See full bio

Shira Kaiserman


Shira Kaiserman is from New York City, but originally from Philadelphia, PA. She has been involved...   See full bio

Shira Shazeer

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The Jewish Birth Network

  Shira Shazeer is a Rabbinical Student at Hebrew College anticipating ordination in...   See full bio

Shiri Shkedi-Rafid

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Center for Genetics and Society

Shiri was born and raised in Jerusalem. She has always been interested in the human body, which...   See full bio

Shlomi Amsalem


Shlomi, a Jerusalemite, is 44 years old, married and has three children. Shlomi is an independent...   See full bio

Shlomit Magen


Shlomit Magen comes from the Gilo neighborhood in Jerusalem. A mother to Shira and Roni, Shlomit...   See full bio

Shmulik Twig

Yazamim Jerusalem

Urban Farming Jerusalem

Shmulik Twig has a BFA from the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and experience working as a...   See full bio

Shoshana Cohen

Yazamim Jerusalem

Yeshivat Talpiot

Shoshana Cohen, co-founder of Yeshivat Talpiot, teaches Tanakh, Midrash and Gender and Judaism at...   See full bio

Simone Jowell


Photo Documentary of Cleveland's Elderly

Simone is a photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio. Her interest lies in documenting human...   See full bio

Sivan Navon-Shoval

Global Summer Institute


Sivan was born and raised in the heart of Jerusalem where she was always challenged and inspired...   See full bio

Smadar Horowitz

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Jerusalem Center for Genetics and Society

Smadar was born and raised in Haifa. In her youth, she was active in the Bnei Akiva youth movement...   See full bio

Solomon Siegel



Solomon has grown up in a variety of Jewish communities as the son of a Cantor. This experience has...   See full bio

Sonni Bendetson

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Gateways to College

Boston-native Sonni Bendetson works as program associate at Gateways: Access to Jewish Education....   See full bio

Stacy Miller

Washington DC ConnectGens

NOVA Tribe Series

A DC-metro native, Stacy Miller has had a life-long passion for helping the community and event...   See full bio

Stephanie Singer

Tribe12 Philadelphia

The Bubbi Project

According to strength finders, my top 5 themes are relator, strategic, adaptability, includer and...   See full bio

Stephanie Tenenbaum

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Stephanie Tenenbaum made Aliyah from New Jersey in 2007. After two years as a Hummer instructor in...   See full bio

Steven Shimshak

CJP’s PresenTense Boston


Steven Shimshak has been in education for over ten years including the last six years in Jewish...   See full bio

Tal Shavit

Yazamim Jerusalem


Tal is currently pursuing her BA in Philosophy and Political science, and an honors MBA. She is...   See full bio

Talisa Pace

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Vantage Points

Having been homeless in 3 cities for 2 years in her early 20's, Talisa Pace decided that one...   See full bio

Tamar Brody


Tamar Brody, Jerusalem, Israel, is mother of Ariel, 7 years old and Tomer, 5 years old. She is a...   See full bio

Tamar Field-Gersh


Tiyul B'Aretz

Tamar has spent most of her professional career working in the field of Jewish and environmental...   See full bio

Tamás Büchler

Global Summer Institute


Tamás is completing his MA in Law this semester at the ELTE University of Budapest. He grew...   See full bio

Tanya Cohen

Heseg Fellowship


Tanya Cohen is 22 years old currently in her final year studying communications at the IDC. Before...   See full bio

Tanya Lvova


Tanya Lvova, is the Deputy Director of Jewish Welfare and Community Centre "Eva", St....   See full bio

Tanya Strusberg

Global Summer Institute

Israel Arts Management

Tanya Strusberg is the founder and director of Israel Arts Management. She was born and raised in...   See full bio

Tess Lehrich

Yazamim Jerusalem

From Garbage to Garden

Tess is a New Jersey native. She moved to Israel in 2008 and volunteers much of her time supporting...   See full bio

Tobias Finkelstein

Global Summer Institute

Car and Lady Productions

Tobias hails from Long Island, New York, and credits his personality to that background. He loves...   See full bio

Todd Baylson

Tribe12 Philadelphia

Green Religious Campuses

Todd Baylson is Manager of Planning & Policy at the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS),...   See full bio

Todd Schechter

Global Summer Institute

The Jewish Reconnection Project is a web video series that features dialogues between a group of...   See full bio

Tom Cohen

Heseg Fellowship

Tom, from Kibbutz Sha'ar Golan, is a very ambitious, talented and creative person, about to...   See full bio

Topaz Haliva

Heseg Fellowship

EAT Wizard

Topaz is 25 years old student from Hadera, at his last semester at the Faculty of Industrial...   See full bio

Tova Speter

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

The MEM Project

Tova Speter is an artist, art therapist, art educator, and arts administrator with a BA in...   See full bio

Tsaela Pinto

Heseg Fellowship


Tsaela Pinto is a software development team leader in NICE systems – a global high tech...   See full bio

Uri Bar-On

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9

Kan Cinema

Uri is a director and screenwriter from Tel Aviv. He has a BA in business and a master's degree...   See full bio

Uri Karmi

Yazamim Jerusalem

Sipurenu (Our Story)

Uri has a BA in Political Science and Middle East Studies from Hebrew University.  He is...   See full bio

Uri Schneider


Uri Schneider is an educator and speech-language pathologist.  He is driven to enable every...   See full bio

Valentina Pimonova

Kaet St. Petersburg

Medical Ophthalmology Project

Valentina is an ophthalmologist by profession. In 2011, she participated in "Lehava" and...   See full bio

Valeria Povergo

Kaet St. Petersburg

Kosher Charity Bakery

Valeria has a wide range of interests, particularly in the community's social needs.   See full bio

Veronica Vyazovsky

JCC PresenTense Chicago

Mosaic Therapy NFP

I arrived in the U.S.A. on September 12, 1989. We had little money, but both of my parents had...   See full bio

Wayne Greenberg


Wayne Greenberg, a lifelong New Yorker, resides in Staten Island with his wife, Cathy and his three...   See full bio

Yaacob Ibrahim

Yazamim Jerusalem


Yaacob, born and raised in Abu Ghosh, earned a BA in communications and journalism, as well as an...   See full bio

Yaakov Lehman


Cruisin with DAJUS

Born in 1985 and raised in Arizona, Yaakov earned a B.A. in Global Studies from the University of...   See full bio

Yael Buechler


Midrash Manicures

Rabbi Yael Buechler is the founder and CEO of Midrash Manicures, which features weekly manicures...   See full bio

Yael Mendelson



Yael Mendelson is a Jewish educator at SAR Academy, where she works as a Beit Midrash fellow and...   See full bio

Yael Novogrodsky

Yazamim Jerusalem


Yael, a native Jerusalemite, has a B.A. in Law and Israel Studies, and has an M.A. in management...   See full bio

Yair Tobias

Global Summer Institute

Beit Midrash BaDerech

Yair grew up in the desert of Israel, on a small kibbutz in the Arava area near Eilat. He studied...   See full bio

Yana Rebrova

Global Summer Institute


Yana is an applied mathematician with ideas, initiatives and innovations to make the world better...   See full bio

Yana Yanovsky

CJP’s PresenTense Boston

Boston Russian Jews

Originally from Russia, Yana Yanovsky grew up in an isolate town outside of Boston. With a love of...   See full bio

Yaron Vaknin

Heseg Fellowship

The Genie

Yaron is currently a 25 year old BA student in psychology and economics at Tel Aviv University....   See full bio

Yekaterina Moreino

Kaet Moscow

Yevgeny Kerbel

Kaet Moscow

Yevgenya Mazurova

Kaet Moscow

Yishai Mizrahi Varon

Global Summer Institute

The Shemspeed Keffiyeh Project

Born in Jerusalem, raised in Seattle, and currently residing in Brooklyn, Yishai Mizrahi-Varon...   See full bio

Yitzchak Lax

Yazamim Jerusalem

Gevurat Ari Orthodox Military College

Yitzchak Lax is 31 years old, married with 4 children, and a resident of Carmiel for 10 years. He...   See full bio

Yizhar Cohen Tzedek

Yazamim Jerusalem


Yizhar was born in Kibbutz Ramat Rachel in 1977. Before his military service, Yizhar chose to do a...   See full bio

Yochai Shavit

Yazamim Jerusalem


Yochai, a Jeruslaem native, is currently a psychology student at Hebrew University. From spending...   See full bio

Yohanan Kosenko

Kaet Moscow

Yonatan Neril

Global Summer Institute

The Interfaith Center for Sustainable Development

Yonatan grew up in California and now lives with his wife, Shana, and son, Shacharya, in Jerusalem...   See full bio

Yonatan Plitmann

Yazamim Jerusalem


A Jerusalemite for almost 28 years, Yonatan recently completed a BA at Hebrew University in...   See full bio

Yoni Goyhman

Tel Aviv Mazeh 9


Atudai at IAF, finished a 6 year army service in march 2012. BSC in Electrical engineering from...   See full bio

Yoni Sarason

Global Summer Institute

Next Dor STL

  Yoni Sarason is a native of Cincinnati, landed in St. Louis for college, where he...   See full bio

Yulya Chernyavskaya

Kaet St. Petersburg

Cultural and Education Center in St. Petersburg

Yulya graduated from the St. Petersburg State University, in the Faculty of History. She has been...   See full bio

Yulya Vernaya

Kaet St. Petersburg

Urban Information Terminals

Yulya is an economist at a customs brokerage firm, and a participant in the Lehava program. She has...   See full bio

Yvonne Feiger



I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. I grew up in a mainly Jewish environment relatively...   See full bio

Zach Weiner

Global Summer Institute

Robots Reboot

Zach is a student, pianist, hacker, and entrepreneur passionate about using design thinking and...   See full bio

Zachary Wenner

Washington DC ConnectGens

Neta Map

Zachary Wenner is an analyst at a Washington-DC based commercial real estate firm. He attended...   See full bio

Zack Lodmer


Om Shalom Yoga

Zack Lodmer is a lawyer, yoga instructor, and musician from Los Angeles. As the founder and leader...   See full bio

Ziad Abed Sabatin

Yazamim Jerusalem

Ohel Avraham

Zoia Kolton

Global Summer Institute

3D Philanthropy

After the collapse of the USSR at the age of seven, Zoia was introduced to her Jewish heritage. She...   See full bio

Zvi Hirschfield

Yazamim Jerusalem

The Peer Learning Program

Zvi Hirschfield was born in Chicago and made Aliya eleven years ago. He received a BA from Columbia...   See full bio
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