Ecosystem Development


Ecosystem Development


Non-profits, governmental bodies, and community-benefit organizations seek to foster entrepreneurial thinking and innovation, but sometimes struggle to implement these ideas within existing systems. PresenTense Israel provides customized entrepreneurship consulting services to these organizations so they can bring innovation to their current and future projects.

In addition, we facilitate new ecosystem development and inter-organization cooperation to maximize knowledge and resources, and create greater impact.

Initiatives include:

MasarUp, the Council for Arab Entrepreneurship promotes social, tech and business innovation at all levels of Arab society in Israel.

iTi: Inclusion Technology Israel brings together a dozen organizations involved in disability treatment, innovation, and inclusion, to better align efforts, foster increased local and global impact, and make Israel a world-leading destination for disability innovation technologies.


Some of our consulting clients:

Jerusalem Development Authority   



Convening Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Accelerating social impact
Enabling organizations and groups to innovate from within
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