Clean the Land: Launched at Masa BFL 2012

Clean the Land: Launched at Masa BFL 2012

Simi Hinden>>Tue Mar 27, 2012

Photo by Perry Bindelglass

Dan Barnett, Max Friedenberg, Sam Silverlieb, and Joel Wanger, all participants in Masa's Israel Government Fellows program, had been complaining about the trash and litter strewn about Israel's parks and trails. But they hadn't really thought about a realistic way to combat it until an IdeaSlam at Masa's Bringing Future Leadership (BFL) conference last week.

At the initial IdeaSlam, run by PresenTense, they came up with the idea for Masa participants in programs across Israel to get together for one day to pick up trash and, well, Clean the Land. And that's how their venture was born. 


After brainstorming the idea, they built a vision, envisioned what their project would look like 5 years in the future, created a website ( and Facebook page, and finessed their pitch. 

Less than 48 hours after their idea was first born, they launched Clean the Land to several hundred fellow BFL participants (see image at top). And, only a few days later, they've already been featured in the Times of Israel.

Joel, Dan, and Sam present Clean the Land and the initial launch of their website:

And, Joel explains how PresenTense's sessions helped them turn a challenge into a new movement:

We're so proud of their work, and that we were able to help them unleash their creativity and ideas. And we all hope you'll join in and help clean the land with them. (May 2012, date TBA).

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