PresenTense Group Launches Jewish Teen Accelerator in Denver/Boulder

November 19, 2014

The PresenTense Group has been awarded a two-year, $460,466 grant to launch Denver’s first Jewish Teen Accelerator program in partnership with Rose Community Foundation, Rose Youth Foundation and Jim Joseph Foundation. Currently titled Jewish Teens Make it Happen (#JTMIH), the program will launch in the spring of 2015, adapting PresenTense’s turnkey accelerator model to support teens in building entrepreneurial projects that engage their peers in meaningful Jewish experiences and activities that make a difference in the Jewish Denver/Boulder community and beyond.


Hillel, PresenTense Partner to Create Innovative Social Startup Fellowship Program in U.S.

November 11, 2014

An innovative partnership between Hillel International and PresenTense will enable students at campuses throughout the U.S. to have the opportunity to participate in the “Hillel International Social Startup Fellowship.” This new six-month, intensive, virtual fellowship will give students access to training, support, mentors and access to a network of hundreds of social entrepreneurs.


Arab startups rock Tel Aviv Innovation Festival’s Accelerator Blitz

September 17, 2014

The Arab-led startups at DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival‘s Accelerator Blitz on Tuesday night simply blew away the competition. Four out of the 11 startups that presented at the pitch night were from Arab accelerators – NazTech in Nazareth, Israel and Arabreneur in Ramallah, West Bank – and NazTech’s two startups impressed this reporter the most out.


פרויקט יזמות חברתי- כלכלי ב-15 שניות

June 30, 2014

לאחרונה התקיים ערב חשיפת המיזמים החברתיים-כלכליים של בוגרי פרויקט המשותף לרשות הצעירים של עירית חיפה, האקסלרטור PresenTense ושותפות חיפה בוסטון במרכז הצעירים של חיפה. במסגרת הפרויקט, הוכשרו בחצי שנה האחרונה 12 יזמים צעירים, להקים מיזמים חברתיים כלכליים ונחנכו על ידי אנשי עסקים, מנהלים בכירים במשק ואנשי תרבות ורוח.


The Power of Life Experiences: What I’ve Learned About Life and Success

June 12, 2014

PresenTense helped me bring my dreams into reality by launching something to achieve my goals. However, along the way I have learned about what success truly means to me. In college I was always someone who meas­ured success by numbers. When suffering from Anorexia I did the same. PresenTense, and the work in the field now as a milieu counselor at EDTNY and mealtime support, have taught me that success is measured by feelings. Now, a business major or any rational being would argue this point. I do not mean to say that we cannot measure success by money or perfor­mance. Rather, I believe internal success and pride comes from how we feel after we have achieved or even attempted our goals. I left Launch Night wondering if my venture had been a success. Rather than focusing on the number of people who approached my table, I have rewired my experience to measure suc­cess by the kind words of those whom I met, and the smiles of my friends and family who at­tended. I was a success because I am working for my goals, and if I can make a difference or support one individual, then that is all I need to know.


At an Israeli hospital, Palestinian girl finally gets mother's healing touch

May 16, 2014

The devoted volunteers of Salametcom (Be Healthy) now entered the picture. The NGO was founded two years ago by attorney Ibrahim Yaqub and Rima Abu-Katish, both from the town of Abu Ghosh, west of Jerusalem, following a column published here in January 2012, about Mohammed al-Fara. This boy from Khan Yunis, whose arms and legs were amputated, had at that time spent more than two years at Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, with only his grandfather at his side.

Within two days, Yaqub and Abu-Katish raised about 5,000 shekels ($1,300 at that time) for the boy and his grandfather.

The two then founded the NGO (, which now has hundreds of volunteers doing the little that is within their means to assist residents of the occupied territories hospitalized in Israel, cut off from home and family. Their activities include organizing outings in Israel and making kousa mahshi (stuffed zucchini) for a sick child who dreams of Mom’s food.


Special tech is changing the lives of people with special needs

May 5, 2014

The project, called A3i (which stands for Accelerating Inclusion in Israel), is being conducted in cooperation with the Ruderman Family Foundation and PresenTense, a Jerusalem-based global Jewish organization with a range of programs encouraging innovation. The Ruderman foundation has made it a priority to support integration efforts for people with disabilities in Israel and the United States. Currently, 13 entrepreneurs are involved in A3i, most involving technology projects in the initial stages of development. Two of the projects aim to develop devices and services for the deaf.

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